And Like That The Baby Is 5 Months Old

5 months old
My baby turned 5 months old.

5 months old and I’m sad. Like when puppies grow up to be dogs, I get sad when newborns grow up to be babies. Oh, don’t worry, then I become a wreck when babies become toddlers, toddlers become kids and so on. I’m just emotional like that.

So yes, our little Zeke is now 5 months old. According to Babble’s 4 months milestones, Zeke passed through each with flying colors. Though, I know when he says “mama” it’s not just a sound, it’s him crying out for ME — gosh Babble.

As far as a happy baby, we couldn’t ask for a baby more chipper. The dude has a perma-smile on his face. He really only has crying bouts at night, and those don’t last long. He’s the absolute perfect fourth child. If he wasn’t, we would have some issues because people, 4 kids is work.

Here’s the latest pics of our 5-month-old cutie:

  • Hanging With Grandma 1 of 7
    Hanging With Grandma
    We spent sometime in Austin hanging with G-Ma.
  • Celebrating the New Year 2 of 7
    Celebrating the New Year
    2012 has big plans for Zeke
  • His New BFF 3 of 7
    His New BFF
    Zeke is obsessed with his toes and trying to figure out how to shove them in his mouth... soon my son you'll get there.
  • Chillin at the Hotel 4 of 7
    Chillin at the Hotel
    All the other kids went into meltdown mode at the hotel. Zeke just laid on the bed cooin'.
  • Zeke and His Bro 5 of 7
    Zeke and His Bro
    His bro is kind of warming up to him. Kind of.
  • It’s Me Zeke 6 of 7
    It's Me Zeke
    Wee! Look at those THIGHS!
  • Just Enough Hair to Spike 7 of 7
    Just Enough Hair to Spike
    His hair is growing and finally enough to faux hawk

And like that, the baby is 5 months old. Next month 6 and so on…

Reminder to self: Enjoy these days as they don’t last.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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