And Then She Was 1: Happy Birthday, Peony! (PHOTOS)

Baby's first birthday
Sweet, sweet Peony

Happy birthday, Baby Peony!

A year ago today I had my belly unwrapped like a gift box, only to reveal the most precious, darling gift I’ve ever received (along with my older daughter, of course).

Every baby’s first year should be as sweet and uneventful as Peony’s, with the most remarkable milestones proving to be lots of giggles, as much good health as can be expected, and general giddiness all around. All babies should experience nothing but more of the same.

Check out the outtakes from this morning’s birthday photo shoot (and join Peony and me over on Babble’s Toddler Times beginning in September, where the joyful journey will continue):

  • Outtake No. 1 1 of 8
    Outtake No. 1
  • Outtake No. 2 2 of 8
    Outtake No. 2
    Out of focus. Lost focus. We can both do better.
  • Outtake No. 3 3 of 8
    Outtake No. 3
    Hang on, Mommy — I'm yawning over here.
  • Outtake No. 4 4 of 8
    Outtake No. 4
    Hey, are those party hats over there?
  • Outtake No. 5 5 of 8
    Outtake No. 5
    Oooooh so close! Why'd you have to cover the "1" with your thumb, Mom?
  • Outtake No. 6 6 of 8
    Outtake No. 6
    Now that's a nice wall.
  • Outtake No. 7 7 of 8
    Outtake No. 7
    Paper! Fun! I want that!
  • We have a winner! 8 of 8
    We have a winner!
    Happy My Birthday, everyone! Enjoy the sweetness of the day.

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll

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