And then Target Saved the Holiday Orchestra Performance

Target style saves the performance day!Not to toot my own horn, but I’m really good at taking care of babies. We get on a schedule, and we set a routine. And while it doesn’t always go as planned, I rarely miss a beat.

But like they say, babies don’t stay babies forever. Babies grow up all too quickly and before you know it they’ve become big kids participating in big kid activities.

Right now, I have two babies and two big kids under my roof. Folk, big kids are hard to keep organized. All of a sudden they start to join clubs and team sports, and with all the activities, I often forget if we’re coming or going!

This year, my girls decided they wanted to join our city’s youth orchestra. Specifically, they both wanted to learn to play the violin. It sounded like a fun opportunity to me, so we went ahead and signed them up for orchestra.

Know what comes along with joining an orchestra? Holiday recitals.

Know who apparently didn’t get the recital dress code memo? Yeah, THIS MOM!

The way it all went down, my good friend and fellow orchestra mom saw me the day of the performance (around 10am, at Sunday church service), and casually mentioned in passing “see you later this evening at the orchestra performance, I have to rush home to press Annie’s black dress so it’s ready”.

Um, black dress? Yeah, performers are apparently required wear all black attire.

So guess who had an teeny tiny panic attack right there on the spot? Oh yeah, THIS MOM.

I left church and immediately headed to Target. I knew only Target could pull me out of this unorganized kerfuffle I had created. So I crossed my fingers and headed into the girls department.

Not surprising, I found exactly what I was looking for. A fun and festive black sweater dress for my 8 year old, and a little black bubble skirt and cardigan for my 5 year old.

Three hours later, the girls looked great and woo’ed the audience with a roof raising (slightly out of tune) performance of The Up and Down Song.

I am absolutely so thankful for Target’s well stocked kids clothing department, and the simple fact you can find everything from play clothes to cable knit sweater dresses at a moments notice all under one roof.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I would have done without Target this past weekend. Target truly saved the day.

Also worth noting, I really need to get more organized and start paying closer attention to the after school activity handouts!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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