20 Fun Angry Birds Products for Babies


All Things Angry Birds for Babies
All Things Angry Birds for Babies

Do you play Angry Birds?

Did you know Angry Birds has been downloaded almost 1 BILLION times? Angry Birds has become an addiction. With millions of people playing the game, Angry Birds products were sure to follow.

From Angry Birds cloth diapers and swaddle blankets, to an Angry Birds nursery  — it’s amazing what Angry Birds products people have created for little ones!  The initial wave of Angry Birds fanfare started with crafty people developing products. As popularity gained, Rovio – the creators of Angry Birds, jumped into the merchandise licensing game to form a multi-million dollar product assortment.

Check out this round up of 20 Fun Angry Birds Inspired Products for Babies!

  • Angry Birds Shorts 1 of 20
    Angry Birds Shorts
    These adorable red shorts start in newborn sizes and feature the red Angry Bird on the butt.
  • Angry Birds Receiving Blanket 2 of 20
    Angry Birds Receiving Blanket
    SwaddleDesigns is the official distributor of Angry Birds baby products. This cotton flannel Angry Birds receiving blanket comes in 3 styles.
  • Angry Bird Cardinal – Cloth Diaper Cover 3 of 20
    Angry Bird Cardinal - Cloth Diaper Cover
    Using the Happy Snap diaper pattern with a knit outer and black suede cloth inner - this Angry Bird diaper is sure to draw attention
  • Angry Birds Costumes for Babies 4 of 20
    Angry Birds Costumes for Babies
    Yes, there are even Angry Bird Costumes! Red, Yellow or Blue - choose your favorite Angry Bird to dress your baby up for Halloween. Don't worry, there are costumes for kids and adults as well. Find out how to make your own Angry Birds costume or where to purchase.
  • Angry Birds Hat 5 of 20
    Angry Birds Hat
    Keep those ears warm, or what a photo prop this could be - check out this Angry Birds hat.
  • Angry Birds Plush Toy 6 of 20
    Angry Birds Plush Toy
    Check out these Angry Birds plush toy patterns!
  • Angry Birds Shirt 7 of 20
    Angry Birds Shirt
    This black shirt is available in long sleeve or short. With a beloved Angry Bird on it of course.
  • Angry Birds Nursery 8 of 20
    Angry Birds Nursery
    Create an Angry Birds Nursery with these removable wall stickers.
  • Angry Birds Marquisette Swaddling Blanket 9 of 20
    Angry Birds Marquisette Swaddling Blanket
    SwaddleDesigns - The Angry Birds Swaddling Blanket comes in 4 styles featuring the Red, Yellow, Blue and Multi-Bird.
  • Angry Birds Boutique Bow 10 of 20
    Angry Birds Boutique Bow
    Just when we thought we've seen Angry Bird everything - we find this. An Angry Birds bow.
  • Angry Birds Backpack 11 of 20
    Angry Birds Backpack
    Backpacks serve as great alternatives to diaper bags, especially for daycare. Check out this Angry Birds backpack. (referral link)
  • Jumbo Sized Angry Birds Plush – 24 12 of 20
    Jumbo Sized Angry Birds Plush - 24
    This GIGANTIC Angry Bird plush would be darling to do monthly photos next to. (referral link)
  • Angry Birds 1st Birthday Party 13 of 20
    Angry Birds 1st Birthday Party
    Have an Angry Birds themed 1st birthday party! Here is an amazing setup to get you started on ideas for your party.
  • Angry Birds Food Art 14 of 20
    Angry Birds Food Art
    Make an Angry Birds lunch for your kiddo - perfect for those little fingers that are just starting to eat pick up food.
  • DIY Angry Birds Onesie 15 of 20
    DIY Angry Birds Onesie
    Check out how this mom created her own Angry Birds onesie.
    Learn More
  • Angry Birds DIY Blanket 16 of 20
    Angry Birds DIY Blanket
    Here is a DIY tutorial on how you can make your own Angry Birds blanket
    View the Tutorial
  • Angry Birds Baby Lovie 17 of 20
    Angry Birds Baby Lovie
    SwaddleDesigns Angry Bird loves include a satin trim. Available in red, blue and yellow!
  • Angry Birds zzZipMe Sack 18 of 20
    Angry Birds zzZipMe Sack
    The Angry Birds sleep sacks are lined with satin trim and available in red, yellow and blue.
  • Angry Birds Marquisette Baby Burpies 19 of 20
    Angry Birds Marquisette Baby Burpies
    SwaddleDesigns offers 3 different styles of Angry Birds baby bur pies. Each style comes as a set of 2 burpies.
  • Angry Birds Ball 20 of 20
    Angry Birds Ball
    Yes, even a play ball. Angry Birds has officially sold out and is raking in the mull.

Yes, Angry Birds has officially become a craze.

Which is Your Favorite Angry Birds Baby Item?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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