We Asked, You Answered: The Best Blogs on Breastfeeding


Babble asked for your favorite posts on breastfeeding and you answered. As part of our Best of Blogs campaign, I’ve been working with the editors at Hyperion and Babble to  collect and curate the posts that have made a difference in your lives to feature them in a series of 12 eBooks and one print book honoring the blog community. It was incredibly hard to narrow them down but we did.

We’re thrilled to announce that our first eBook, Parenting Uncensored: Straight Talk from Real Moms and Dads on Breastfeedingwill hit virtual shelves on April 30th, but you don’t have to wait that long to find out who’ll be published! Check us out on CNN’s Headline News where we revealed the most provocative posts in the book and the bloggers behind them.

Can you guess who’s behind these words?

“Anybody who designs an office space divided by glass has clearly never returned to work after maternity leave armed with an unmarked black bag full of funnels and tubing.”

“So, if you see me out there with my formula and you have something to say I warn you, to quote my friend Heather it’s on like Donkey Kong …” 

“The push for a complete ban on formula advertising rests upon the assumption that mothers are not capable of understanding formula advertising as advertising it assumes that they will be confused by it, those poor, silly mothers, and mistake it for unbiased, non-commercial speech and that they are therefore vulnerable to being ‘duped’ by formula advertisers in a way that they are not from, say, Budweiser or McDonalds or General Electric.”

“My boobs don’t work. But my heart does.” 

Click here to see the full list of bloggers featured in the book and where you can get your very own copy!

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