Adventures in Baby Food Making: Apple Pie Oatmeal for Baby

Baby food is normally BORING. Sweet potato. Carrots. Peas. Rice Cereal. Sure they make some combos like summer vegetables or apples with blueberries but there’s no pizzazz to them.

I say add a little spice! Little Bean has already had cumin dusted pork chops, greek spiced salmon and mexican chicken. I also add a bit of spice to his morning bowl of oatmeal. Here’s how I make Apple Pie Oatmeal for Baby….

  • First… 1 of 20
    A Cheerio appetizer.
  • He’s getting it! 2 of 20
    He's getting it!
  • Look at those chipmunk cheeks! 3 of 20
    Look at those chipmunk cheeks!
  • Start with an apple. 4 of 20
    Start with an apple.
    Cut into chunks and leave the skin in tact there's a lot of nutrients there!
  • Add Yogurt. 5 of 20
    Add Yogurt.
    I used 1/4 cup of Whole Milk Yogurt
  • Blend 6 of 20
    Let it go for a good minute. You don't want skin chunks choking your little one.
  • Pureed Apple with Yogurt 7 of 20
    Pureed Apple with Yogurt
    You could just feed them this but it's fairly boring. Let's jazz it up!
  • Add Oatmeal and a dash of cinnamon. 8 of 20
    Add Oatmeal and a dash of cinnamon.
    I also added two scoops of formula since I'm supplementing.
  • Mix all together. 9 of 20
    Mix all together.
    Take a taste. It's pretty good!
  • Baby likes! 10 of 20
    Baby likes!
    I couldn't snap the first taste test picture. He was too hungry!
  • Frankly, he was pounding this! 11 of 20
    Frankly, he was pounding this!
    I couldn't keep up with him.
  • Water break. 12 of 20
    Water break.
    Since I put the formula IN breakfast I let him sip on water. It's gives him practice and a taste for it. I run a juice free house so this is his only option as he gets bigger.
  • Like I said… 13 of 20
    Like I said...
    ...everything is better with thumb.
  • One Happy Full Baby! 14 of 20
    One Happy Full Baby!
    How do I know he's full?
  • This. 15 of 20
  • This. 16 of 20
  • And this. 17 of 20
    And this.
  • All done! 18 of 20
    All done!
    He couldn't finish it. I didn't expect him to. It was a BIG bowl!
  • Store leftovers. 19 of 20
    Store leftovers.
    They won't last longer then 24 hours because of the formula. I simply saved them for lunch. It was his dessert.
  • He’s getting the hang of the cup. 20 of 20
    He's getting the hang of the cup.
    He played with it while I cleaned up! He's not quite drinking by himself but he's getting close!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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