Are Breastfed Babies Fussier Than Formula Fed Babies?

According to one study, yes.

An article from ABC News cites a study from the UK that has found breastfed babies cry more, and appear to have a more challenging temperament than babies who are formula fed.

It is important to point out, however, that the study indicates the reason formula fed babies babies may be more content is only because they are often overfed.

As the mother of a breastfed baby, the findings of this study are very interesting to me as I continue to explore the causes of my newborn’s fussiness.

The study concludes:

Breast and mixed-fed infants were rated by their mothers as having more challenging temperaments in all three dimensions; particular subscales included greater distress, less smiling, laughing, and vocalisation, and lower soothability. Increased awareness of the behavioural dynamics of breastfeeding, a better expectation of normal infant temperament and support to cope with difficult infant temperament could potentially help to promote successful breastfeeding.

As you all know, I have had my share of breastfeeding insecurities, many of them stemming from my baby’s temperament before, after, and during feeding.

There have definitely been moments when I wanted to throw in the boob, and grab a bottle. It is reassuring to know that increased fussiness may actually just be a natural part of the mother-and-baby breastfeeding relationship.

Do you think this study holds any truth? Was your breastfed baby fussy?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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