Are Breastfed Babies More Attached to Their Moms?

Young mother breastfeeding her baby
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Are breastfed babies more attached to their mothers?

This is something I continue to ask myself, as it seems like my daughter is getting more and more attached to me as the days go on — to the point where she has even cried when my mother held her!

I breastfed my oldest son, and he would go to downright anyone!  He still will, we always joke that if any child would wander off with a stranger, it would be him.  Of course, I know there is nothing funny about that though…

My middle son was breastfed for such a short period of time I can’t even use him as someone to compare to at this point.

But I just can’t help but think maybe someone is right by saying breastfed babies are more attached to their mothers?  I mean, in the back of my head, I keep thinking that is the reason she is hesitant to spend any time with virtually anyone but me. But on the other hand, I remind myself all the time that she loves spending time with Daddy, and our babysitter … neither of which have boobs that feed her.

Maybe it is just a simple case of stranger anxiety?
Maybe she only wants to spend time with people who are actively in her life on a frequent basis?

I give up trying to decode some of her actions sometimes!

So … Moms!

What do you think?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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