Are Men Better Diaper Changers?

According to a study by Gaviscon, in which put women and men up to various tasks to decide which gender “did it better” – the men won in regards to changing diapers. Crazy, huh? I thought so, until I continued reading.

The definition of better, in the study appears means faster. If you are someone who changes a diaper after someone changes a dirty diaper “faster” you may just scream at the thought of faster meaning better.

Are women more detailed oriented when it comes to diaper changing? Personally, for me I would think so and this would result in taking longer to change a diaper. There are the cracks and crevices and pampering and keeping the baby happy that all must take place when changing a diaper and to the dear study that says faster is better…. yeah – maybe you should ask the baby next time who is “better”.

Well women, in good news *eye roll* according to the study, we are better at ironing, changing tires and rewiring outlets.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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