Are Second Time Moms Lazy or Laid Back?

The other day, I took Harlow to the doctor for her one month check-up. The doctor asked me if she was pooping regularly. I stopped to think.

“Ummm… I’m not sure. Maybe?”

Oh crap. I’m supposed to be keeping track of this sort of thing, right?

Suddenly I remembered the detailed diary I kept for Mazzy of each feeding (what time, which breast), her naps (what time, how long) and yes, her poops (what time, how big).

With Harlow, we are just kinda… winging it.

Also, whenever we left the house with our first child, we packed up everything we could possibly need to for almost any scenario— wet diaper, poop up the back, change of clothes, breastfeeding emergency— we had it covered with a boatload of items cramming our diaper bag and overloading our stroller.

This time around, I put a diaper in my pocket, a pacifier in the front pouch of my handsfree baby carrier and call it a day. I mean, if something happens— how far could we possibly be from a CVS anyway?

When it comes to breasfeeding, I remember sitting in a rocking chair, staring lovingly into my first born’s barely focused eyes. Now, I’m doing it one handed while checking my iPhone.

I don’t know if I’m lazy or laid back but I am definitely not putting as much energy into worrying about my second born as I did with my first. And I’m not alone. A post about the shortcuts moms take with their second child on my personal blog got more Facebook likes than any post I’ve published in the past two years.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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