Attack of the Double Ear Infection

Enjoying his new birthday present!

Cullen has been moderately sick now for what has felt like forever. He’s had a nagging cough and running nose that just won’t quit. For weeks and weeks, it has come in waves – just as it looks like it’s clearing up, it comes back with a vengeance. I know that it’s cold season, but it’s so frustrating to not be able to do anything for him!

So I shouldn’t be surprised that at last week’s one-year appointment, his pediatrician said both of his ears were looking pretty inflamed. He said that as long as he wasn’t showing symptoms to let him ride it out, but he sent us home with a prescription for antibiotics just in case.

He had shown know signs of ear trouble or major sickness, so I wasn’t too worried. Then Thursday happened…

He was whiny, clingy, and just not himself. I filled the prescription, offered some baby Tylenol, and hoped it would make him feel better quickly. Friday was more of the same, without much change. Saturday brought a low fever and a day of rest. Sunday he seemed to feel great, so we ran some errands, took a few walks, and assumed the worst was behind us. Monday morning he woke up with another fever, this time around 101, and once again acted clingy and whiny. He headed back to the pediatrician.

At this point the doctor said his ears looked much worse, and clearly weren’t responding to his current antibiotic. So we switched it up – something more powerful, more specific. I told him my days of being the earthy natural Seattle mama were over – I would do just about anything to make this guy feel better. (Not that I was holding back on his treatment before that, but in general I like to avoid over-medicating if not necessary.) After five days of antibiotics and lots of baby Tylenol, my little guy was still so sad.

Tuesday morning was scary. He woke up with temps between 104 and 105, and had me throwing clothes on in preparation to head to the emergency room. Another dose of Tylenol  and a cool bath brought it down pretty quickly, so we headed back to the pediatrician instead. We’re giving the antibiotics another full day before thinking about changing his care at this point. We’re also alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen, which seems to be helping with the lingering fever. As I’m typing this, he is still asleep at 8:30am PT, which is a record in our house. He had another dose of Ibuprofen around 4:30, so hopefully that has helped make him more comfortable in order to get some recovery sleep.

Here’s hoping today is the last of it, and that my smiley boy is feeling much better when he wakes up!

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