Avery Goes to Disney World!

My family is on vacation in Florida for the week and we made a quick trip to Orlando to go to Disney World. The last time we went to Disney World, Avery had just turned one and didn’t quite get the concept of how magical it really is. Now Avery is nearly 17 months and it was the perfect age for her to get to experience the parks.

We tried to make the most of our weekend and visited three parks during our trip. It was a lot for our family to pack in, but it was completely worth it. Avery had so much fun meeting the characters and riding on all of the different rides. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face if you tried.

Check out a few photos of Avery’s trip to Disney.

  • Breakfast with Minnie and Mickey 1 of 8

    To say that Avery is obsessed with Minnie is an understatement. This girl absolutely loves Minnie and her face lit up when she saw her. As soon as she came out, she stopped eating her breakfast and just called her name while waving. When we went up to meet her, she just wanted to keep on kissing her nose. It was the sweetest thing ever. 

  • Goofin’ Around 2 of 8
    photo 1

    Do you notice how Avery is making the exact same pose as Donald Duck? This girl was so happy to meet them. 

  • Disney Really is Magical 3 of 8

    This is a sight that we hardly ever see with Avery. She never takes a nap in her stroller. Animal Kingdom must have really worn her out because she was asleep quickly in her stroller and slept for while. It's amazing how much walking around and enjoying yourself at a park really takes the energy out of you.

  • Water Fun 4 of 8

    We spent the morning at Blizzard Beach where Avery spent the entire time in the kiddie area. She fell in love with this alligator and did not like when any other child approached it. She was so in love with it that she couldn't resist giving it kisses the entire time. 

  • Stroller Nap Number 2 5 of 8

    Doing two parks in one day is rather tiring on everyone. Lucky for Avery, she had her stroller to take a nap in. It really was so nice that she actually took a nap in her stroller. It made her so much happier when she woke up and she could enjoy the Magic Kingdom well rested.

  • Pure Joy 6 of 8
    photo 1-1

    I apologize for this extremely dark and blurry picture, but the look on Avery's face was priceless. I took her on Ariel's Grotto ride with just the two of us and she couldn't have been happier in that moment. She was pointing at everything and had a smile on her face the entire time. I wish I could just bottle up that moment. 

  • We Met Daisy 7 of 8
    photo 2-1

    My oldest daughter Harlan is terrified on the characters in costumes, but Avery loves them. While Harlan and my husband were on another ride, Avery and I took advantage of the time and found an air conditioned room to meet Minnie and Daisy. Avery was so excited to meet her and kept touching her beak. 

  • Minnie Mouse 8 of 8
    photo 3-1

    This happy girl met her absolute favorite character twice on her trip. It was so tough to pull her away from Minnie Mouse. She was so happy to just get to spend a little bit of time with her. All she wanted to do was blow her kisses. 

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