Avery Goes to the Beach (PHOTOS)

I am in Florida with the girls for the weekend for my little brother’s graduation. Florida is gorgeous during this time of year. Although it’s hot outside, we have spent most of our time here in the water. It’s a luxury that we don’t get very often living in the city, so we make sure to take advantage of it while we’re here.

Avery had a huge fear of the water and the beach the last time that we visited. She didn’t even want her feet to touch the sand she was so frightened. I had to keep her in my lap the entire time because she was so scared. I had no idea if she was going to react the same way this time around, but I was hoping that she was going to get over her fear and enjoy our time.

When we first got to the beach she was absolutely terrified. She grabbed my arm as tightly as she could so that I wouldn’t put her down. I had to sit in a chair with a towel underneath us for about an hour before she finally let me put her feet in the sand. To my surprise, she didn’t cry, she just stood there. Slowly, she got used to the sand and wanted to actually play in it.

After she got used to the sand, we tried out the water. It was so hot outside that we needed to get in to cool off. She didn’t even flinch and absolutely loved the water. She didn’t even mind getting splashed by the waves. Our day turned out to be absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to take her back again.

  • I Don’t Know About This Beach Thing 1 of 8
    photo 3-1

    This was the face that she gave me for the first hour that we were there. She did not know what to think and only wanted to sit in people's laps. 

  • Getting Used to it 2 of 8
    photo 2-1

    When we first arrived at the beach, I took Avery in a little tent by ourselves and just let her watch everything that was going on around us. She didn't know what to think at first, but once she saw people that she knew, including her big sister, out and enjoying the beach she slowly eased up to it.

  • Blueberry Queen 3 of 8
    photo 4

    Avery is obsessed with blueberries. While she was getting used to being outside and on the sand, she sat on a towel and ate an entire container of blueberries. 

  • Watching Big Sister 4 of 8
    photo 5

    She absolutely loved watching Harlan run around and play in the water. She probably could have done that the entire time we were there. 

  • All Smiles 5 of 8
    photo 1-1

    It took her a little bit, but after a while this little girl was all smiles and loved being at the beach.

  • Standing in the Sand 6 of 8
    photo 1

    This is a big deal for Avery. She is terrified of standing in different textures that she isn't used to. She walked slowly and carefully on the sand, but she did it all on her own! 

  • Watching Paddle Ball 7 of 8
    photo 2

    She found a couple playing paddle ball by the water. She was absolutely fascinated by it and stood there and watched them for about five minutes. 

  • It’s My Beach Now 8 of 8
    photo 3

    This was Avery at the end of the day. She had completely taken over someone's chair and couldn't wipe that smile off of her face.

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