Avery is 3 Months Old!

Monday marked Avery’s 3 month birthday. This month seemed to be the one with the biggest changes, especially in weight and height. Avery had a huge growth spurt this month!

She is quickly getting out of her newborn stage and is much more of a baby now (even in the way she looks.) She is alert and very aware of everything around her. She’s definitely getting more fun as she gets older.

I’ve compiled some of the fun and exciting things that Avery has done over the past month. I love to do this each month (here’s month one and month two) so I can document how she is growing.

Check out some of her fun facts from the month and our favorite photos, after the jump! 

Month Three Fun Facts:

  • She weighs 10 lbs 11 oz (she gained over a pound this month!)
  • She is 23.5 inches in height (she grew over 2 inches and jumped from the 25th to 75th percentile for height!)
  • She has finally learned to sleep through the night in her bassinet, although she still prefers naps in her swing or stroller.
  • She loves to have you hold her hands to that she can stand up and strengthen her legs.
  • She’s not a fan of tummy time or being on her stomach at all.
  • She is a big talker. One of her favorite things to do is to sit on someone’s lap and just talk back and forth.
  • She is a big drooler.
  • She loves to have her hands in her mouth.
  • She loves going for walks in the stroller with the hood down so she can see what’s around her.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Avery’s third month:

  • Good Morning! 1 of 16
    Good Morning!
    This is the smile I get every morning Avery wakes up. She is always such a happy baby, but is especially happy first thing in the morning.
  • So Curious 2 of 16
    So Curious
    This is her, "I'm curious" face. She makes this face whenever she finds something especially fascinating. I love how her eyes get so big and her eyebrows go up.
  • Drool Baby 3 of 16
    Drool Baby
    The drool seems to be never ending this month, but at least it doesn't seem to bother her at all!
  • Finding Herself 4 of 16
    Finding Herself
    She discovered herself in the mirror for the first time this month. As soon as she noticed, she smiled and began to talk to herself.
  • Teething Girl 5 of 16
    Teething Girl
    Avery is full on teething this month. Her hands are constantly in her mouth, she is drooling all over everything, and we've introduced her to our good friend, Sophie the Giraffe.
  • Sleepy Girl 6 of 16
    Sleepy Girl
    This girl continues to love her sleep (for most of the time.) Somehow she managed to get out of her swaddle and into this position.
  • She’s Found the TV 7 of 16
    She's Found the TV
    This I am not necessarily proud of, but my littlest girl has found the television. She's quite engaged in whatever her and daddy are watching on TV.
  • Sisterly Love 8 of 16
    Sisterly Love
    Avery is becoming more and more in love with her sister. Harlan is really beginning to entertain her and Avery will sit back and just laugh.
  • No Naps 9 of 16
    No Naps
    We had a little napping sleep regression this month. This picture was taken after a day of no naps. As you can see she thinks it's hilarious that she won't sleep.
  • Stroller Love 10 of 16
    Stroller Love
    Our stroller is our main mode of transportation here in the city. Avery loves going for a walk in her stroller. Her newest thing this month is for me to leave the hood down so she can see the city around her.
  • Cuddle Time 11 of 16
    Cuddle Time
    Avery doesn't like to be on her belly at all (tummy time is a challenge) but I managed to get her to lay on my chest for a little bit so we could get some cuddle time.
  • Aunt Danni 12 of 16
    Aunt Danni
    My sister lives here in the city and loves to watch both girls. She is especially good with Avery. We call her the baby whisperer.
  • Meeting Grandaddy 13 of 16
    Meeting Grandaddy
    Avery met her granddaddy (my dad) for the first time this month. She loved every second she got to spend with him, just as I am sure he did too!
  • New Bedtime Routine 14 of 16
    New Bedtime Routine
    Now that Avery is finally getting on a schedule I've started a new routine. We swaddle her up, then go into her room while I nurse and rock her to sleep. I love every moment of it.
  • Her Newest Friend 15 of 16
    Her Newest Friend
    I recently started to put the hanging toys on her stroller and she loves them. This little bird is her favorite. She sat and talked with him for 15 minutes just entertaining herself.
  • Hugs 16 of 16
    Although it doesn't look like it from Avery's face in this picture, they really do love each other.


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Read more from Lauren at A Mommy in the City. For more updates, follow Lauren on Facebook and Twitter! Check out more of Lauren’s  Babble posts at Being Pregnant and Baby’s First Year.



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