Avery Meets Santa! (Photos)

It’s so fun getting to experience Avery’s firsts with her. I love the holiday season and cannot wait for Avery’s first Christmas this week! Over the weekend we had a very holiday filled weekend here in New York City. We took in almost everything that this gorgeous city has to offer during the holidays.

One of the very special things that we did this weekend was visit Santa. I honestly didn’t know how Avery was going to react when she saw Santa. She’s going through major separation anxiety and doesn’t take to new people very well. It usually always ends up in a cry session. But this little girl always surprises me and loved the big man in red.

Avery was lucky enough to get to meet Santa twice this weekend! Take a look at just how she reacted to meeting St. Nicholas for the very first time!

  • First Meeting 1 of 9
    First Meeting
    My husband's company has a Christmas party every year and invites all of the families for fun and festive treats. Santa made a special visit and was taking pictures with all of the kids. Avery is at an age where she is very skeptical of adults that she doesn't know. If I hand her off to someone she isn't familiar with, she immediately starts to cry. I thought the same was going to happen with good ol' St. Nick. That was not the case though. She sat right in his lap and just stared at him. My three-year-old on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him, which was totally unexpected.
  • Visiting Santa at Macy’s 2 of 9
    Visiting Santa at Macy's
    When we moved to New York City, we started a tradition of visiting Santa at Macy's in Herald Square. This was our fourth year going and it was just as much fun as it has been in the past. There is so much to do while you are waiting in line to see Santa and Avery loved every minute of it!
  • Not So Sure Yet 3 of 9
    Not So Sure Yet
    Avery wasn't so sure what to think of everything when we walked into Santa Land. It was a little bit of sensory overload and took her a while to warm up to it.
  • Look at all of the stuff! 4 of 9
    Look at all of the stuff!
    The longer we walked through, the more comfortable she got and really started to enjoy it. She was staring at anything and everything she could get her eyes on.
  • Love the Teddy Bears 5 of 9
    Love the Teddy Bears
    There was a set of dancing teddy bears that both girls fell in love with. Avery did not want to leave and gripped those bars as tight as she could because she was so entertained.
  • It’s Almost Christmas 6 of 9
    It's Almost Christmas
    The countdown to Avery's first Christmas is on! I can't be more excited to share it with her.
  • Hmm…Didn’t I see you yesterday? 7 of 9
    Hmm...Didn't I see you yesterday?
    Both girls did great meeting Santa this time. Avery just sat and stared in amazement wondering who was this man in a big red suit with a long white beard.
  • Puppet Show 8 of 9
    Puppet Show
    Macy's puts on an incredible marionette puppet show during the Christmas season. We've gone every year, but were pleasantly surprised when they debuted a new story this year. Avery sat through the entire thing dancing and trying to "sing" along!
  • Rockefeller Tree! 9 of 9
    Rockefeller Tree!
    Another tradition of ours is to visit the tree in Rockefeller Center. It was spectacular this year and as gorgeous as ever. Avery loved seeing the colorful lights and the start at the top of the tree!

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