Avery’s Adventures (According to Instagram)

I have a little bit of an obsession with taking photos of Avery and posting them to Instagram. I carry my phone with me nearly everywhere and it’s so quick and easy to document everything that she does.

We’ve been traveling so much lately that it’s been really hard for me to sit down and reflect on everything that Avery’s been up to. Thankfully, I’ve documented most of it on Instagram. I sat down this morning looking through the photos in my feed and Avery has become so much of a toddler in the last couple of weeks. I’ll let my Instagram photos tell you just what she’s been up to.

  • Lazy Days 1 of 10
    Lazy Days
    I caught Avery lounging around watching television on the floor. I envision this is what she will look like 10 years from now as well.
  • Box O Fun 2 of 10
    Box O Fun
    I've discovered that the girls would much rather play in the boxes our groceries come in each week rather than the hundreds of toys they have around the apartment.
  • Airport Craziness 3 of 10
    Airport Craziness
    This was taken at the airport the morning we were headed back to NYC from our cruise. We arrived at the airport a little bit early and the girls were going crazy running around. So much so that Avery decided to tackle Harlan to the ground. I'd much rather them get it out then than on the plane.
  • No Luggage Makes You Crazy 4 of 10
    No Luggage Makes You Crazy
    Our luggage was lost on our way to Florida last weekend. The girls and I went over a day without clothes. I thought it was torture, Avery on the other hand thought it was hilarious.
  • Target Introduction 5 of 10
    Target Introduction
    I have a little bit of an obsession with Target. The one we have in the city is not easy to get to, so I hardly ever make a stop unless it is absolutely necessary. When I go on vacation to the suburbs I always make sure to do plenty of Target shopping. This time Avery accompanied me on the trip. I didn't realize it until we were leaving, but it was her first time in the store. A moment to document for sure!
  • Late Night Shenanigans 6 of 10
    Late Night Shenanigans
    We made a visit to Orlando last weekend for a special visit to Disney World. Despite a very packed, fun filled day, Avery didn't nap and stayed up way past her bedtime. It was totally worth it with all of the fun and laughs that we shared.
  • Sisterly Stroll 7 of 10
    Sisterly Stroll
    It's not very often that we can just step outside and let the girls play. Our hotel in Orlando had the most gorgeous outdoor area that the girls took complete advantage of.
  • Livin’ the Life in the Burbs 8 of 10
    Livin' the Life in the Burbs
    The girls are completely taking advantage of my parents backyard here in Florida. Every morning they have come out on the back porch to play. Clearly they are having way too much fun.
  • Fish Everywhere 9 of 10
    Fish Everywhere
    I took the girls to the aquarium and let Avery just walk around everywhere. I don't think she's ever had this much fun exploring on her own.
  • Baseball Fun 10 of 10
    Baseball Fun
    We are soaking up every single second we have while we are in Florida. I took the girls to my brother's baseball game and Avery had so much fun watching and talking to every single person that walked by. This girl is the social butterfly of the family.

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