Avery’s Easter Weekend (PHOTOS)

Celebrating Easter this year was so much different than it was last year. Last Easter Avery was nearly a month old and we were slowly adjusting to life as a family of four. I was sleep deprived with a newborn and barely made it to church. It was so difficult to get everything ready around the apartment because I was trying to meet Avery’s needs.

It’s amazing what a year can do. This year Avery was super involved in all of the Easter festivities. She loved searching for Easter eggs and checking out all of the goodies in her Easter basket. It was a gorgeous weekend here in New York City and we really took advantage of it.

  • Playground Fun 1 of 16
    Playground Fun
    We started out our Easter weekend by taking advantage of the warmer weather outside. Although it was still cold, it was much warmer than it has been. We've missed the park so much and definitely wanted to have fun and play while the weather was nice.
  • First Time on the Slide 2 of 16
    First Time on the Slide
    Avery is so lucky to have a big sister that loves to experience things with her. Avery went down the slide with Harlan and wanted to do it over and over again. She even attempted to climb back up the slide so that she could do it again.
  • It’s Time to Color Easter Eggs 3 of 16
    It's Time to Color Easter Eggs
    Harlan was decorating Easter eggs and Avery wanted to join in on the fun. I pulled her up next to Harlan and she had so much fun doing the same thing that her big sister was doing.
  • Avery Wants to do it Too! 4 of 16
    Avery Wants to do it Too!
    Avery dropped the real egg that I gave her on the ground and it immediately cracked. She threw a fit when I tried to take it away. My husband had the idea to give her a fake easter egg and a cup so that she could do it just like Harlan was. She didn't even know there was a difference and it kept her entertained the entire time.
  • She Did it! 5 of 16
    She Did it!
    She dunked it in the cup just like her big sister did.
  • This is so Fun! 6 of 16
    This is so Fun!
    Taking a little snack break from decorating Easter eggs. Apparently I was telling some pretty good jokes because both girls were cracking up at me.
  • Avery’s Easter Basket 7 of 16
    Avery's Easter Basket
    We've been traveling so much this past month I wasn't able to get much for Avery's Easter basket. But the pouches, Mum Mums, and book seemed to be a hit!
  • Easter Egg Hunt at Home 8 of 16
    Easter Egg Hunt at Home
    We started our annual "Jimeson Easter Egg Hunt" in our apartment a couple of years ago. Living in an apartment so small, there aren't really many places to hide the eggs, but the girls had fun anyway. This was Avery's first year being able to participate in it. Although she didn't fully get it, she loved picking up all of the eggs off of the floor!
  • Checking Out Her Easter Egg 9 of 16
    Checking Out Her Easter Egg
    This is the Easter egg she "decorated" yesterday. She was so happy to find it in the apartment this morning.
  • Reading Her New Book 10 of 16
    Reading Her New Book
    Checking out the fluffy bunny in her new book that the Easter Bunny brought her. She loved all of the textures that the book had in it.
  • Easter Egg Hunt at Church 11 of 16
    Easter Egg Hunt at Church
    Avery is so little and there were so many bigger kids around her this morning at our church's annual Easter egg hunt on the roof. But that didn't stop Avery from hunting with the best of them. That girl was determined to find Easter eggs.
  • She Found One 12 of 16
    She Found One
    She was so proud of finding her Easter egg in the crowd of bigger kids running around her. She held onto that egg for the longest time.
  • Sister Pic: Take 1 13 of 16
    Sister Pic: Take 1
    Desperately wanted to get a great shot of the girls in their matching Easter dresses. It didn't go exactly as I planned.
  • Sister Pic: Take 2 14 of 16
    Sister Pic: Take 2
    Let's try this again.
  • Sister Pic: Take 3 15 of 16
    Sister Pic: Take 3
    I give up.
  • Easter Family Photo 16 of 16
    Easter Family Photo
    Finally a shot when everyone is looking at the camera and we are all smiling! Happy Easter!

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