Avery's First Time at the Beach

Our family is out for a week long vacation at the beach this week. It’s our first official vacation as a family of four and we are loving every minute of it. We took Avery to the beach for the first time yesterday.

I find it amusing that despite living right on the beach in Florida, for the nine months I lived there with Harlan, I never took her to the beach (in fact her first beach visit was in NYC.) It only took us four months and living three hours away from the beach to get Avery there.

I was so excited to see her reaction when we got there. I couldn’t wait to see her reaction when I put her little toes in the sand and when I put them in the water. Of course I documented every single moment on camera. She was having so much fun and was making the cutest faces that it was hard not to take a picture of her.

Check out the photos of Avery’s first time at the beach after the jump! 

  • Sleepy Beach Babe 1 of 11
    Sleepy Beach Babe
    Avery fell asleep in the car on our way to the beach. I figured she would wake up as soon as we got there, but then I remembered her sound machine at home is ocean waves, so that only kept her asleep longer.
  • Happy Baby 2 of 11
    Happy Baby
    Once she woke up she was so happy to be at the beach. We put on her sun hat and were ready to get our toes in the sand.
  • Toes in the Sand 3 of 11
    Toes in the Sand
    Her first time putting her toes in the sand. She wasn't quite sure of it at first and looked to me for reassurance.
  • She’s Not So Sure About the Sand 4 of 11
    She's Not So Sure About the Sand
    As she wiggled her toes in the sand she wasn't quite sure how she felt about this new texture on her feet.
  • She Likes It! 5 of 11
    She Likes It!
    After she got the hang of it, she realized she really liked the sand. She loved putting her feet in it and getting her toes all in it.
  • Let’s Get Our Feet in the Water 6 of 11
    Let's Get Our Feet in the Water
    Our next step was to let her put her feet in the water. I figured she would love it because she loves bath time.
  • Not a Fan 7 of 11
    Not a Fan
    She did not like the water at all. With the loud waves crashing and the chilly water, the tears immediately started to roll down her face.
  • I’ll Just Watch From the Sidelines 8 of 11
    I'll Just Watch From the Sidelines
    Rather than getting in the water, she was much happier watching her big sister get in the water and play around.
  • This is Fun! 9 of 11
    This is Fun!
    She loved just relaxing with me under the umbrella. Although she was very intrigued with the sand, we avoided getting any in our mouth that day.
  • I Look Good! 10 of 11
    I Look Good!
    This is the face she got when I showed her herself in the phone camera. She loves looking at herself, but I think she loved her big hat even more.
  • Beach Babe 11 of 11
    Beach Babe
    After we got comfortable, she got in her suit, put her sunglasses on and relaxed. She definitely could get used to this beach thing.

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