Babble Joins The Google+ Train!


Introducing Babble on G+!

If you don’t know what Google+ is, without getting all nerd-like on you, think Facebook — backed up by the power of Google, (hello SEO for the win!) Minus the annoying targeted adverts. (For now). As someone who works in social media, you’d think I myself would have joined the Google+ hulabaloo before today. My editors here have been asking me to, and for the reasons below, I’ve been slow on the uptake.

You see, while I may very well work in said field — I am an old-school girl of sorts. I like to be courted by my possible geeky tech affiliations. With so many platforms to choose from, I try to stick to the basics and do them WELL. I don’t have time to have an active face in every community and platform out there…so I lurk around, keeping up to date with the trends and wait to see what sticks. I reserve from joining any new platforms until I am thoroughly impressed by their awesomeness and that they have proven their stay-power.

Introducing Babble’s Google+ Page!

Only a few short days ago, they introduced Pages (for brands, local businesses, art & entertainment, etc.) into their fold. While they don’t allow for contests and promotions the way that Facebook does, it’s also not a hot mess of badgering.

Babble has joined the ranks, looking quite fresh and pretty I might add. So now all of you Google+ users can stay in the fold of all that is wondrously Babble. Which includes posts from all of us here at Baby’s 1st Year in your stream, just the way you know you like it.

What I Dig?

If you are not signed up for G+ yet, get going with yo’ badself! Especially if you are a blogger with a brand to promote. Or a small business owner. It’s clean and user friendly with 43.2 million users growing strong. That may not be Facebook’s staggering 800 million, but they’ll get there yet.

Less is more. You can easily curate the amount of information you see. For example, immediately upon signing up, as I was adding people and pages, I was able to add them into circle’s. So I created a ‘Pages’ circle. to keep things organized. That’s where I put my beloved Babble+ page amongst others.

G+ is available in the iPhone app store (for free), and is also avails for Android and BB.

Anyone using Google can find you/your brand easily. G+ has implemented the almighty Plus into their search engine. Go ahead, type in +Babble. See? Powerful stuff in the land of search, find and click. My own brand came up right away!


I’ve only just joined…so I haven’t fully navigated the waters. Yet. Upon first inspection, I’d like to see G+ adding more networks to merge contacts from. Like twitter (um, hello), and Instagram. I guess they can’t include Facebook, seeing as how it’s their major competition and all – but still. Would be dreamy.

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