Babes in Dreamland: 25 Cute Kids Catching Their Zs

Parenting would be way easier if our little ones were as quiet all the time as they are when they’re slumbering … snoozing … napping … catchin’ some shut eye … recharging their batteries … okay, you get the picture. In celebration of those 10 hours a day our little ones are out cold (give or take a couple hours), we bring you 25 adorable, reader-submitted photos of these young sleeping beauties — after the jump! Get ready to swoon. We did. — Jenn Gimbel

  • Pooped at Playtime 1 of 25
    Pooped at Playtime
    We don't blame Jade for falling asleep — stuffed-animal tea parties and dressing/feeding your dolls is hard work. Because of this little one's dedication to playtime, we're happy to name her our "Sleeping Beauty of the Week"! Sweet dreams, Jade!
    Submitted by Heather
  • We Spy … Binkies! 2 of 25
    We Spy ... Binkies!
    "I need options, Mom!" … because one binky is never enough.
    We understand.
    Submitted by Haley
  • The Ultimate Baby ‘Stache 3 of 25
    The Ultimate Baby 'Stache
    We have to ask: "Did he pass out with his shoes on?"
    Friends can be so cruel.
    Submitted by Meagan
  • Baby Cocoon 4 of 25
    Baby Cocoon
    As snug as a bug in a rug.
    Submitted by Lesley
  • Stuffed-Animal Heaven 5 of 25
    Stuffed-Animal Heaven
    With all those bed buddies, we doubt Suki-Rose will ever be lonely
    in her dreams!
    Submitted by Elizabeth
  • He’s No Stair Master … 6 of 25
    He's No Stair Master ...
    We remember the last time we passed out on the stairs. Oddly, we didn't look as cute ...
    Submitted by Texidor
  • If Spidey Had a Kid 7 of 25
    If Spidey Had a Kid
    A day of carnival fun is enough to conk out anyone — even Spider-Man.
    Submitted by Ambyr
  • Pure Sleep Heaven 8 of 25
    Pure Sleep Heaven
    If we had a blanket that looked as comfy as that, we'd never leave our bed.
    Submitted by Angel
  • An Unconventional Sleeper 9 of 25
    An Unconventional Sleeper
    You sleep o. Honest mistake.
    Submitted by Christina
  • Passed Out in Plaid 10 of 25
    Passed Out in Plaid
    That is one fabulous outfit. We surmise this little one was resting up for a long day on the green.
    Submitted by Cynthia
  • If You Gotta Sleep … You Gotta Sleep 11 of 25
    If You Gotta Sleep … You Gotta Sleep
    No worries — a good hour of bouncy time puts us to sleep, too.
    Submitted by Kara
  • Sleeping Beauty 12 of 25
    Sleeping Beauty
    We wonder if her prince ever came to wake her. Someone call Daddy!
    Submitted by Sandra
  • A Wild Night! 13 of 25
    A Wild Night!
    That wild bedding is sure to give him dreams straight out of
    The Jungle Book!
    Submitted by Sky
  • The Aspiring Writer 14 of 25
    The Aspiring Writer
    He wouldn't be caught dead without a pen in hand — who knows what story ideas he'll find while dreaming?
    Submitted by Michele
  • A Stylish Slumber 15 of 25
    A Stylish Slumber
    All dressed up and … Zs to catch.
    Submitted by Jessica
  • He Bounced Himself to Sleep 16 of 25
    He Bounced Himself to Sleep
    It's a hard life: eating, pooping, bouncing, napping.
    Submitted by Dana
  • Sleepy Shades 17 of 25
    Sleepy Shades
    I wear my sunglasses … in bed. Not your typical sleeping mask, but we applaud her style!
    Submitted by Brenda
  • No More Monkeys … 18 of 25
    No More Monkeys ...
    Perhaps this silly monkey jumped on the bed one too many times.
    Submitted by Darci
  • One. Boring. Book. 19 of 25
    One. Boring. Book.
    We're gonna take a wild guess and say this book wasn't a New York Times bestseller …
    Submitted by Ira
  • Yard Work, Shmard Work 20 of 25
    Yard Work, Shmard Work
    There's nothing more satisfying than an afternoon siesta … on the mower.
    Submitted by Kara
  • Pretty and Pooped 21 of 25
    Pretty and Pooped
    We're not surprised she passed out — it has to be tiring wearing that ginormous headband all day. Come on, Mom.
    Submitted by Lucero
  • A Sleeping Sweetie … 22 of 25
    A Sleeping Sweetie …
    Sure, she looks like a perfect angel now, but we won't be fooled.
    Submitted by Margaret
  • Two Peas in a Pod 23 of 25
    Two Peas in a Pod
    Mom, we know what you're thinking: "Why can't they be this angelic all the time?!"
    Submitted by Melynda
  • Backseat Napper 24 of 25
    Backseat Napper
    She decided it was okay to get a little shuteye; the monkeys said they'd take over backseat driving.
    Submitted by Pamela
  • Make Yourself Comfortable 25 of 25
    Make Yourself Comfortable
    We imagine this little girl growing up to be a bit of a bed hog ...
    Submitted by Stacey

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