Babies and Music

baby-w-headphonesWhen I was pregnant with Wolf, I thought it was fun to hold headphones up to my belly, as I’m sure every pregnant mama likes to do.  Certain songs would make him kick, other songs would have no effect.  I’d always thought that when he kicked it was a sign that he really liked the particular song that I was playing.  However, now that he’s out of the womb, I’ve got different thoughts.

The first week that we had Wolf at home was tough.  We weren’t exactly sure what to do when he cried.  Maybe he’s hungry but geez, that cry sure sounds like he’s in pain!!  One time my husband had just swaddled Wolf and he was fussing, trying to pull MacGyver moves to kick his legs out and wiggle his arms up by his face.  My husband sat down at his computer and turned on some music that we’d been listening to a lot while I was pregnant.  In an instant Wolf stopped wiggling and looked around in a complete daze.  It was like he was hypnotized by the melodies!

So it really makes me wonder, were those little kicks in response to music frustration because he didn’t like it?  And those moments where I thought he didn’t like the music because he wasn’t kicking, simply making him calm and putting him to sleep?  It truly amazes me now because we now know that it’s not a fluke.  Every time Wolf gets fussy, we turn on that same song from that first week and in an instant he’s calm.  It’s our secret weapon.

What about you?  Does your baby have any “favorite songs”?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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