Babies and Snakes – Yes, Really

babies and snakes
Babies and snakes, this mom thinks this is just CRAZY

When stumbling through the interwebs while freaking out over people posting photos of bad parenting, I came across something that baffled me. See, there were numerous photos of the thing I love most in the world, BABIES and the thing I despise most in the world SNAKES.

Yes, people, babies and snakes.

WHY combine the two? I have been asking myself that as I cringe and shake my head in disgust.

In all fairness, I asked my husband WHY for the love of GOD and all things cute and cuddly WHY?! He gave me a man answer. Something. Yadda yadda. Non-venemous. Yadda yadda. Yeah whatever.

I’m not buying any reason to put a baby near a snake. But to each their own.

Prepare yourself people. I present to you, a round up of babies and snakes.

  • A Baby with a Baby Gopher Snake 1 of 10
    A Baby with a Baby Gopher Snake
    Felix's first encounter was with this baby gopher snake Pituophis melanoleucus. Not near my baby, please!
    image source:
  • Don’t Worry, His Dad is a Snake Charmer 2 of 10
    Don't Worry, His Dad is a Snake Charmer
    According to the site, children of many snake charmers in India have early encounters with defanged or devenomed snakes to help the babies grow up fearless. Photo by Adrian Fisk, Digital Railroad
    image source:
  • Let’s Take a Bath… With a Snake? 3 of 10
    Let's Take a Bath... With a Snake?
    Awkward and odd and freaky all rolled into one. Why?
    image source:
  • The Snake Stare Down 4 of 10
    The Snake Stare Down
    The way this snake is looking at the baby is scary. I don't think he wants to be friends. Venomous or not - no thanks.
    image source:
  • Awe Nap Time with a Snake 5 of 10
    Awe Nap Time with a Snake

    Again with the WTH!image source:
  • Baby Eats Snake 6 of 10
    Baby Eats Snake
    Nothing like a snake for a teething toy.
    image source:
  • Snake as a Photo Prop 7 of 10
    Snake as a Photo Prop
    In Malaysia, you can get your baby's photo taken with a python in front of Batu Caves. YAY! (not really)
    image source:
  • Playing with a Snake 8 of 10
    Playing with a Snake
    Who needs a human friend, when you can have a snake friend.
    image source:
  • Here Honey Let’s Put the Snake Around Your Neck 9 of 10
    Here Honey Let's Put the Snake Around Your Neck
    Again, I just don't get it.
    image source:
  • Baby Plays with a Cobra 10 of 10
    Baby Plays with a Cobra
    I read that the snake was defanged. I don't care if the snake was dead, not my baby.

*cringe* Obviously I have a fear of snakes. Can you tell? (I seriously had goose bumps looking at a few of these photos!)

Now puppy dogs? I love dogs! Just snakes, no thanks. Are you a pet lover? Well Babble has a new blog JUST FOR YOU! Introducing Babble Pets!

What Are Your Thoughts of Babies and Snakes?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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