Babies Dressed Like Lady Gaga – Cute or Cringe-Worthy?


Whatever your feelings might be about her, it’s impressive to see Lady Gaga’s influence has now stretched to Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving specials and yes, even baby spoofs of her infamous outfits. Love her or loathe her, she’s become one epic culture influencer and all-around game changer of modern art.

So, is there anything more cute than dressing babies up in hilarious Lady Gaga outfits and sharing them with the world? Never! These little fame monsters have no idea what they’re doing, which makes it even funnier. Or traumatizing. You be the judge!

Which little one is YOUR favorite baby Gaga?

  • Baby Red Queen Bunting Gaga 1 of 11
    Baby Red Queen Bunting Gaga
    Cute red queen baby or cute, lace- covered devil spawn? You be the judge.
    Photo credit: Brand On Sale
  • Baby Bubble Gaga 2 of 11
    Baby Bubble Gaga
    When this baby hits 15, she will either be super impressed with her parents or she will need therapy. You guess which option will be the outcome.
    Photo credit: The Frisky
  • Precious Gem Gaga 3 of 11
    Precious Gem Gaga
    I can't tell if this baby is doing the precious gem Lady Gaga look or if she's being slowly eaten by a bunny.
    Photo credit: The Frisky
  • Crayola Gaga 4 of 11
    Crayola Gaga
    "Hey Bob! Just for funnsies, let's re-create burning cigarette art on our sleeping baby!"
    Photo credit: Buzz Feed
  • Kermit Gaga 5 of 11
    Kermit Gaga
    Baby gets a lesson in Kermit Couture ... and doesn't seem too thrilled about it.
    Photo credit: Marquee
  • Member of Jem Gaga 6 of 11
    Member of Jem Gaga
    She is pretending to love this look, but she really wanted the Hello Kitty dress.
    Photo credit: Marquee
  • Baby Red Queen Gaga 7 of 11
    Baby Red Queen Gaga
    Nothing to be afraid of kids, the red lace won't hurt you ... oh wait ...
    Photo credit: Marquee
  • Meat Dress Gaga 8 of 11
    Meat Dress Gaga
    Just try explaining this to her when she's 16.
    Photo credit: Marquee
  • Baby Bubble Dress Gaga 9 of 11
    Baby Bubble Dress Gaga
    Forget the bubbles! They seriously make baby fishnet tights?!?!
    Photo credit: Marquee
  • Baby Bubble Dress with Gaga 10 of 11
    Baby Bubble Dress with Gaga
    This picture makes me seriously excited about how Gaga will dress her own little monster some day ...
    Photo credit: Marquee
  • Meat Headpiece Gaga 11 of 11
    Meat Headpiece Gaga
    See how easy it is? Put a piece of salami on your baby's head and call it art!
    Photo credit: Marquee

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