Modesty and the Baby in a Bikini

After a post about bikinis and why I won’t be buying my daughter one over at Babble Kids, I’m learning that the word “modesty” has a broader range of meaning to people than any other word I can think of when it comes to parenting. Accusations have been made about me attempting to control her, assumptions have been made about teenage rebellion and jabs have been made about my modest faith.


I’m doing the best I can to raise my daughter with an open mind and self respect, and to me that doesn’t include a seven year old wearing tiny two piece bathing suits.

Which brings me to the modesty of babies, wondering if people are as passionate about the topic, I’m certainly not. My stance is that as soon as a child is old enough to take on and off a shirt they should be photographed in one (well, aside from those super secret back of the family album blackmail photos.) Will I ever put my baby in a bikini? Nope. But it’s not for the same reasons I won’t put my seven year old in one.

Addie knows that small two piece bathing suits are not an option for swimwear. Yes, modesty is a part of it, but so is sunscreen protection (family history of skin cancer right here) and comfort. She’s allowed to choose out any swimsuit she wants, within the guidelines of it covering her chest and bum completely and most of her midriff. Vivi on the other hand, well I have complete control over that and with how chunky Vivi is? Girl would look amazingly adorable in a tiny baby fruffly bikini. But if her big sister doesn’t get to wear one I’m not going to send mixed messages that the baby can but she can’t.

Simple as that.

I’m well aware that a bikini would be loads easier when it comes to diaper changes (which is why Addie generally goes for tankinis, ease of potty breaks), but as of now Vivi’s just not in the pool all that often to justify that as a worry. Plus there’s the whole sunburn thing. That’s a lot of belly to burn right there on that baby.

When it comes to modesty in our family many people seem to have the assumption that we’re very Laura Ingalls when in fact it’s more just…us being us. You’d probably never even know that I’m a tad more modest than what is common place in the world unless you went shopping with me (or if I wrote about bikinis and seven year olds. Sheesh.)

Babies in bikinis? Adorable. But I won’t be having one in my house for sake of fairness and consistency for my bigger kid.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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