Babies! In Closets!

Just a cute baby in a crib in the closet.

So, the thing is, last week I put Huck to sleep in the closet. Like, in the closet where the shoes live and things. Swaddled up (still swaddling!) in his car seat (still car seating . . . uhhhhhh). He slept for nine hours straight, so . . . so let’s talk about this like civilized people, shall we?

We have, in our glorious 12-month plan, the task of finding a new apartment. Not now, but soon. It’s there but it’s not there there, like, it’s something we want to do? Soon? But not soon as in as soon as possible. The timing is not quite yet right. And the internal struggle of my existence lately is, since we may stay put, do we sink money into this place by getting apartment-specific storage solutions? Or, do we acknowledge that we are moving soon and not put any more money into this set up?

Already this is a thought conversation that makes my brain leak, only now we are adding the complication of a very light sleeper. He needs his own bedroom. Ideally, it’d be a walk-in closet, and not our only closet, which isn’t a walk-in closet so much as a step-in-and-shuffle-to-the-side style closet. But, by some miraculous twist of expensive engineering, his mini crib is indeed mini, and the other day I discovered it fits in there perfectly. Like a dream! (Get it?) And suddenly our bedroom feels huge! And there are doors to his sleeping area! We can shut them!

Suddenly an imminent move seems silly. Hasty! I mean, why go now? Suddenly we have privacy? WE ARE SO STAYING PUT.

Also suddenly, sleep training seems entirely plausible to me. Oh, but doors can make any dream a reality.

(Huck’s pediatrician told me to use “extinction” method sleep training at our check up and I decided possibly to “extinction method” her . . . another time, another time.)

So! I’d like to make that closet a little more homey for him, you know, move his clothes in there somehow, bring in an air purifier, and uh, take out all our shoes . . .

So tell me your life philosophy. Babies in closets: cruel? or genius? And how would you decorate a closet-sized nursery on a closet-sized budget? And what is the best (cheapest) wardrobe solution you know of? I am having organizational fantasies and I need to see this brought to fruition!

Thanks, friends.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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