Babies in Glasses: 12 Adorable Photos

Don’t deny it. You know that we’ve all done it. Put something adult size on a baby just to see how it looks.

It’s amazing how adorable a baby can look in anything that looks really big on them. And it makes for a great photo op.

My favorite is those little bundles of joy with a big pair of glasses on. There is something that is just so undeniably cute about a pair of big glasses on a little baby.


Check out these cute babies wearing some really big glasses.

  • Sleeping Genius 1 of 12
    Sleeping Genius
    Being a genius baby must be tiring. This baby is out like a light!
    Image via Flickr/EgoAnt
  • Little Mister 2 of 12
    Little Mister
    Is it just me or do those glasses make that baby look wise beyond their years?
    Image via Life of Alissa
  • Mr. Man Baby 3 of 12
    Mr. Man Baby
    There is no denying this baby. Just take a look at those busy eyebrows and mustache. Very handsome.
    Image via Flickr/jinglejammer
  • Halloween Cuteness 4 of 12
    Halloween Cuteness
    There is no better way to say Happy Halloween than with these bright orange glasses on a really cute baby!
    Image via Flickr/timomcd
  • Sunny Baby 5 of 12
    Sunny Baby
    I love that these glasses almost take up her entire face! At least she's shaded from the sun.
    Image via Flickr/Pink Sherbet Photography
  • Little Book Worm 6 of 12
    Little Book Worm
    All we need is a great book to make this picture complete!
    Image via Babble
  • Birthday Cutie 7 of 12
    Birthday Cutie
    This has to be one of the cutest photos. Nothing like adding a pair of glasses to a little birthday celebration.
    Image via Flickr/shingleback
  • Baby Harry Potter 8 of 12
    Baby Harry Potter
    Harry Potter has nothing on this little cutie!
    Image via Wikiallity
  • Hip Baby 9 of 12
    Hip Baby
    There isn't a baby any hipper than this one.
    Image via BCK
  • Mustache Cutie 10 of 12
    Mustache Cutie
    Such bright eyes looking through that silly face.
    Image via Arbroath
  • Girly Girl 11 of 12
    Girly Girl
    I told you I was guilty. But how cute does Avery look in those pink glasses?!
  • Little Fly 12 of 12
    Little Fly
    Doesn't she look like a little fly with these sunglasses on? This is Harlan (my oldest) when she was a baby. You didn't think Avery was the only one that I tortured with big sunglasses pictures, did you?


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