Babies in Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Top 10

W.O.W. If Only a Baby Were Wearing it.

It happens. We all know it does. I’m even guilty of it, as you shall soon bear witness. It’s instinctual almost, dressing one’s baby/child in fantastically tacky apparel over the holidays.

Whether it be completely over the top matchy, matchy ensembles, themed out apparel or the ever popular bad Christmas sweaters. I’m in. And why not? Its all all part of the fun, no?

  • Cheating. Nothing Bad to be Seen Here. This is Complete Winning. 1 of 10
    This is just so dang cute. Wrong only because, well, it will indeed horrify them when they are older. Which is necessary anyways. Also, I love a baby who looks like he/she could kick my ass. Photo Credit: Wonderful World of Babies.
  • Full-On Meltdowns 2 of 10
    I'm not sure if the baby is loosing it because of having to sit on some smelly strangers lap (aka: the horrors of mall Santa's), or because of the tacky sweater he's wearing. Probably it's the Santa, but still. Photo Credit: Ain't No Mom Jeans (blog).
  • Startling Infants Since 1979 3 of 10
    Oh dear. Looks like someone needs to pull the knitting needles away from the nanny. Or help her choose some less intense colours. Also, the red and green alternating buttons. Not necessary. Poor little sweetheart. Photo Credit: Media Spin.
  • This Sucks Reindeer @$%&**!! 4 of 10
    The face says it all. I concur wholeheartedly lil' one. Photo Credit: Young Oldie (blog).
  • Frosty the Baby 5 of 10
    This. Just. Hmmmmm...Photo Credit: The Ramblings (blog).
  • Embracing & Admitting the Ugly 6 of 10
    Wherein this momma goes for it, and her baby hides from it. Photo Credit: Pretty Little Life (blog).
  • Clearly Not Impressed 7 of 10
    Even though this Santa looks pretty awesome compared to most, must be the sweater. Photo Credit: Kelly's Korner (blog).
  • DIY Gone Awry 8 of 10
    Or wrong as some may say. I'm not going to go there as this has happened to me. Although not in attempting to make a Christmas sweater jumper... Photo Credit: Feathers Flights (blog).
  • Self-Confessed… 9 of 10
    Straight up admitting the ugly sweater-ness. Although, to be truthful, this isn't all that bad and is it even really a sweater? Photo Credit: Ayla Gabrielle (blog).
  • Disastrous Say Some, You? 10 of 10
    I actually dig these hardcore Canadianna style sweaters (the knit pattern, yep - it's Canuck peoples), but perhaps one for everyone is going a bit overboard. Not to mention the hair, glasses, expressions, mustache et al. Awesome or awkward? Photo Credit: Ellen Degeneres (blog).

Now where are all the truly gaudy Christmas sweaters for babies?! Either they are severely lacking and we are leaving babies out of this tradition – or my spidey search senses are weak. Mamas, weigh in and link up!

Top Image Photo Credit: Sacramouche (blog)

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