Babies That Look Like Celebrities

Baby, baby, baby, OH!

Every now and again someone tells me that Violet looks like Shirley Temple.  I think this has more to do with her curly hair than any actual physical resemblance to the child star.

It got me to thinking, though, about other babies that look like celebrities.  And not just child celebrities, but babies that actually look like grown-up celebrities.

Turns out, there are a bunch of photos floating around the internet that showcase babies who look like celebrities.  Some of the photos are silly, but others are awesome.  I got rid of the sillier photos and kept the best of the rest.  I think my favorite is the baby who looks like the late comedian, Chris Farley.  I mean, that is some crazy, crazy resemblance going on there.  Almost like Farley reincarnated.

Check it out:

  • Peter Griffin 1 of 12
    Peter Griffin
    Pure awesome. I totally love this kid.
  • Chris Farley 2 of 12
    Chris Farley
    Isn't that mind blowing? It's like Chris Farley came back as a little girl!
  • Billy Idol 3 of 12
    Billy Idol
    Both fellas, rockin' the cradle of love.
  • Curtis Armstrong A.K.A. 4 of 12
    Curtis Armstrong A.K.A.
    It's the hair. Definitely the hair. And is that Adam Sandler's daughter? Sure looks like it.
  • Jim Norton 5 of 12
    Jim Norton
    This baby already looks like he's working the audience, just like comedian Jim Norton
  • Kim Jong-il 6 of 12
    Kim Jong-il
    I think it's the glasses. And the hair.
  • Shawn Wallace 7 of 12
    Shawn Wallace
    Remember the actor from The Princess Bride? INCONCEIVABLE! This baby is a dead ringer.
  • Wolverine 8 of 12
    Okay, so the photo on the left was doctored, but only a little! Baby still looks a lot like a mini Wolverine. Check out those eyebrows!
  • George Bush 9 of 12
    George Bush
    What do you think? Dead ringer or not so much?
  • Popeye 10 of 12
    Something tells me this little guy is going to love his spinach.
  • Justin Bieber 11 of 12
    Justin Bieber
    And I was like baby, baby, baby, oh!
  • Walter Matthau 12 of 12
    Walter Matthau
    Grumpy young boy, grumpy old man.

Does your baby look like a celebrity? Send me a link!

Photo credits: There is a great baby/celebrity look alike contest hosted by MommyShorts underway on her Facebook page. Check it out! Also, a photo credit for the baby who looks like Billy Idol goes to her.

I found the rest on


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