Babies & Their Dogs: a Collection of Photos From Around the Web

Last week I brought you cute babies and their dogs, via video. Today I bring you the very best, most ridiculously cute photos of babies and their dogs from around the web.

Against what may very well be sage advice from a few close friends, I want a pup so badly!

Seeing the bond between a child and their pet just seals the deal for me. Sure, I see the training and mess and rowdiness that comes with getting/having/caring for  a puppy.

I’m thinking – things are already nutters around here with 2 under 2, what’s a little more upheaval? I mean, can’t I just toilet train my toddler and the pup together? If I’m already cleaning up poop and pee, what’s a little more? No time like the present I say, when the house is usually a happy/meltdown disaster zone anyways.

Until I get the mister to join my team, I shall admire the sweet potential from afar. After the jump!

I know you enjoyed that. If you didn’t, you must be dead inside. Right along with those who don’t like musicals, kittens or babies in general. For the rest of you who aren’t the living dead, here’s some more cute for your day with Babble’s Cutest Pictures of Babies with Dogs and Cats Contest.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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