Babies Who Rule: Chubster Edition

Ripe For The Munching

Before y’all get your knickers in a knot I’m not talking about all of the hoopla surrounding baby chub and whether or not it leads to childhood obesity.

I’m just not. There are extremes and all that is happening here is some adoration over sweet little chubby babies. So, if you are like me, and countless others, who just can’t help yourself when it comes to baby thunder thighs? Or roly poly arms and edible cheeks? Then please, continue and be prepared to melt.

  • I Die 1 of 15
    I Die
    You want a piece of me? I can't blame you. Everyone else does!
    Photo Credit: Love Baby Pictures
  • Roly Poly 2 of 15
    Roly Poly
    Me and my rolls are like, SO trending right now.
    Photo Credit: Lil Sugar
  • I’ve Got This 3 of 15
    I've Got This
    My parents? Like putty in my hands, yo.
    Photo Credit: Life Is a Bowl of Candy
  • It’s Exhaustive Work… 4 of 15
    It's Exhaustive Work…
    Being this cute. But someone's got to do it.
    Photo Credit: Travel Pod
  • Just Chillin’ 5 of 15
    Just Chillin'
    I love the feel of fur on mah bottom.
    Photo Credit: Sue Homik Photography
  • Hispter Baby 6 of 15
    Hispter Baby
    This is just how I roll.
    Photo Credit: Take a Bow Creations
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! 7 of 15
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
    Because they are so rad! (The band, and me yes).
    Photo Credit: Red Orbit
  • Ruffle & Chub 8 of 15
    Ruffle & Chub
    This, from a precious photo-shoot by photographer Tara Swain of her daughter Briley at 10 months. Breathtaking, shots, beautifully choreographed and that baby girl! Completely edible from head to toe. This series has inspired me for Abby's own 10 months photo-shoot.
    Photo Credit: On To Baby
    To view all the pictures in this series, click here.
  • Sleeping Sweetie 9 of 15
    Sleeping Sweetie
    With a full belly no doubt.
    Photo Credit: Terra's Tune
  • Roller Derby Queen 10 of 15
    Roller Derby Queen
    All vintage. All baby. All fabulous.
    Photo Credit: Kate T on Pinterest
  • Happens All The Time 11 of 15
    Happens All The Time
    When owners match their dogs. In this case babies, who match their puppies.
    Photo Credit: Snorable
  • Happiness is… 12 of 15
    Happiness is…
    Wide, open-mouthed, joyful grins. On cute chubby babies of course.
    Photo Credit: Common Health
  • Retro Chubster 13 of 15
    Retro Chubster
    I have a sudden urge to now go grab my baby and nibble on her legs, arms and toes.
    Photo Credit: Maclancy on Etsy
  • Rosie Posey 14 of 15
    Rosie Posey
    Uhm s'cuse me, but everything about this photo is pure love. Babies rule.
    Photo Credit: Home & Heart on Flickr
  • Babezilla 15 of 15
    Featuring my very own chubby diva, whom you can see a whole lot more of in all of her chubby, hot pink, ruffle-bottomed, bathing suit glory; just by clicking here!


The Care & Maintenance of Chubby Babies

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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