Babies and Their Personalities

Personality types of babiesWhat type of personality does your baby have? Is he laid back? Uptight? Stressed? Happy?

From an early age you can start seeing glimpses into your baby’s personality. While a baby’s personality will evolve and change, I do believe that some general traits will give you a glimpse of who they will be in the future or at least that’s what I’ve seen in our 3 older kids.

Our first baby, Z was born independent and outgoing. Once she learned to hold her own bottle, she would get mad anytime we tried to hold it for her. She talked at an early age to anyone and everyone. Today, 9 years later, her independent and outgoing personality are still intact. She refuses to let you do anything for her and she has still never met a stranger.

Our second baby, E was born deep-thinking and calm. Seven years later, he is just a relaxed, no-stress kid who loves puzzles and figuring things out.

Our third baby, Izaiah was born loud. No seriously, his newborn scream was louder than anything I have ever heard. He still has the ability to shake walls with his voice. He has always been infatuated with music. Now, at 2 years old, there isn’t an hour that he is awake that goes by that he isn’t singing a song.

Zeke, our fourth baby is very low key and happy. I pray that these personality traits hold true and that he stays as easy going and content that he is through the toddler years. (A mom can only wish that, right?)

As a parent, something that I strive to do is recognize and find ways to help each child thrive with their personality traits. If your baby is curious, introduce toys that encourage them to “figure things out”.  If your baby has a fondness towards music, find ways to surround him with song or musical instruments or maybe a musical playgroup.

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What about your kids? Have you noticed that your older kids have similar personalities to that of when they were babies? What type of personality traits does your baby have?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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