‘Baby Bangs’ Wig? Not For my Bald Baby

dahliaI remember the first time that my oldest daughter Harlan was mistaken for a boy. She was only four-months-old and we were out at a restaurant for lunch. She was dolled up in all pink and even had one of those obnoxious big headbands on her head that screams, “I’m a girl.” A man looks over at us and says, “My, what a fine looking boy you have there.” Yep, with the pink bow and all, he insisted that my little girl was in fact a little boy.

That wasn’t the last time that my baby girl was mistaken for the opposite gender. In fact, it happened far too many times to count. It finally got to the point when I would just smile and nod because I didn’t feel like wasting my time explaining to them that she was a girl. Perhaps it comes with the territory of having a bald baby. Harlan was bald for nearly the first three years of her life. Avery is slowly getting her hair in, but it’s so blonde that it still gives the look that she too looks lile she is entirely bald.

Although I have absolutely no issues with my girls being bald, or even being called a boy, apparently some moms do and will do to extreme measures to make sure that their baby doesn’t get mistaken for the opposite sex ever again. Let me introduce you to Baby Bangs, a company that makes hair pieces for babies.

The company clearly markets to bald babies and mothers who might be insecure about having their baby being labeled a boy just because they are bald. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Subjecting our children to wigs because some are afraid that it might be hurtful over gender? I can tell you right now that Harlan doesn’t not remember one single time (out of the hundreds)  that she was called a boy. She looks at photos of herself as a baby and “boy” doesn’t even come to mind when she sees them. The first thing she says is, “Oh, I was such a cute baby.”

If we feel the need to put our babies in wigs to make them “look better” what will we subject them to later in life? This feels like just the starting point for parents who want to breed insecurity in their children. Baby Bangs aren’t cute and they don’t create “magical moments” like the website suggests.

And Baby Bangs aren’t the only baby wigs on the market. Ilana Wiles, a Babble blogger and the voice behind Mommy Shorts, gave a great run down on other wigs your baby can wear to hide their bald head.

Bald is beautiful. And I am very proud of my bald baby girls, no matter how many times they are called a boy.

What do you think? Would you let your bald baby wear a wig?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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