Going to the Beach? 12 Must-Haves for Baby

Planning on a trip to the beach with Baby? There are some things you’ll want to have on hand. Here’s a list of must-have baby gear to keep your little one safe, sound, and happy.

Hypoallergenic Baby Sunblock 1 of 11
The last thing Baby needs is a painful sunburn. Dr. Jennifer Shu, editor of American Academy of Pediatrics Baby and Child Health, advises parents to use SPF 30 or higher with UVA and UVB protection. Apply about 20 to 30 minutes before going out and reapply every two hours and after swimming. The sunscreen face sticks are great a great choice because they don't run into the eyes and cause stinging.
Swim Rompers with UV Protection 2 of 11
Go one step further than just sunscreen by dressing Baby in a cute romper that provides UV protection. These adorable bathing suits give the ultimate protection from too much sun exposure, which can lead to sunburn.
Sun Hat 3 of 11
Not only are these too cute—tiny baseball caps, fishing hats, little flowered sunbonnets—but they also keep the sun off Baby's sensitive scalp. Try the kind with the earflaps to cover those delicate little pieces of skin so often missed when you're slathering on the sunblock.
Swim Diapers 4 of 11
Most pools have rules now that don't allow babies to swim in regular diapers. And, really, you can't blame people for swimming the long way around a baby whose diaper is bulging with questionable contents. Swim diapers are wonderful and effective alternatives that allow Baby to enjoy the water without worry—even at the beach!
Sunglasses 5 of 11
Sunglasses aren't just for jacking up the cute quotient. The sun is hard on Baby's sensitive eyes, especially if you have a little blue-eyed one. Consult with your pediatrician or optometrist on what's best for Baby these days.
Light Cotton Infant Gowns with Long Sleeves 6 of 11
For younger babies, gowns are great for keeping the sun off sensitive skin and keeping cool. Plus, when you're out, the last thing you want to have to do is unsnap, unbutton, and unpeel layers of clothes for a diaper change.
Beach Umbrella 7 of 11
Babies don't like missing out on all the fun. With a nice beach umbrella, you can make your own protective shade. There are also some great tents and shades on the market now that provide shelter from the sun for Baby.
Insulated Diaper Bag 8 of 11
A diaper bag that is well insulated is a must if you pre-mix your baby's bottles. Bottle coolers are also available that hold just the bottles, and can be placed in an insulated diaper bag for even more security that the formula stays nice and cold.
Bouncy Seat 9 of 11
Sometimes after a long trip in the car, the last thing Baby wants is to stay pinned into that car seat. And putting Baby out on the beach towel could have you emptying two-ton, sand-laden diapers later. A bouncy seat could be just the thing to keep Baby happy under that beach umbrella and give her a good view of what's going on around her.
Play Mat 10 of 11
A play mat is a must for a trip to the beach. Toss on a few favorite toys, and Baby will feel right at home under that beach umbrella. You’ll have to do a lot of shaking to get the sand off when it’s time to head home, but definitely worth it—and just part of the beach experience.
Just for Fun 11 of 11
Toys for Baby are always a must. For a beach trip, stock the diaper bag with ocean-themed toys, such as a fun fishy play mat, nautical stacking toy, or rattle that represents one of the many interesting creatures of the sea. And don't forget the sand buckets and shovels!
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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