Baby Bouncer Fail: When Cuteness Clouds Your Judgment

Baby in bouncer with brother underneath.I could have stopped the moment in its tracks, ensuring everyone was safe and reprimanding the guilty party (Saucer Eyes). Or I could have snapped a picture with my phone… so, of course, I took out my phone.

The result is the picture at the left: Saucer Eyes squeezing UNDER the baby bouncer while little brother Scrunchy Face is still sitting IN the bouncer. Here’s a rough idea of what was going through my head when I made this admittedly bone-headed decision.

1. Saucer Eyes is just one swift, baby kick away from a giant “ouchie” in his shorts… but gosh, that’s just so cute!

2. I don’t think Scrunchy Face is enjoying this very much… but man, that’s cute!

3. Is Saucer Eyes going to break it? Is it under warranty? Oh, who cares—it’s cute!

Years from now I’ll justify this to myself as a heart-warming example of my two boys playing together rather than, say, Saucer Eyes stirring up trouble as usual while poor Scrunchy Face doesn’t have a clue.

When it comes to your kids at play, has cuteness ever clouded your better judgment?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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