Baby Burrito Boom: Inventor of Tortilla Baby Has Big Plans

I love good Mexican food, especially burritos … but do I love them so much that I want to cuddle with them and maybe nurse them at my breast every once in a while?

(I’ll just let that image sink in for a minute.)

The answer, of course, is no. However, a passerby may be forgiven for momentarily thinking that a woman was, in fact, that enamored with her food if she were holding a baby wearing one of these:

The Tortilla Baby Swaddle Blanket makes your baby look like a baby burrito.

That’s right — it’s a swaddle blanket made to look like a tortilla and called, appropriately enough, Tortilla Baby. Wrap your baby in it, and he will indeed look like a giant, juicy burrito.

The blanket’s inventor, Katharine Owens of Bon Vivant Baby, told me she got the idea after hearing her friends repeatedly refer to their swaddled infants as baby burritos and also drew inspiration from a Parents Magazine report on a swaddling technique known as “The Burrito Roll.”

“I wanted to create fun baby shower gifts in that goofy, costume-y category,” she said. “Something different than what you’d see in a normal baby shower.”

The dough-like pattern isn’t the only thing that makes the blankets different. In keeping with the tortilla theme, they’re also circular instead of square. Owens said that making circular blankets means more leftover fabric, but she found a simple solution to that — the extra fabric goes into making matching tortilla hats.

Looks like consumers, not to mention the media, are biting. Owens said she’s sold nearly 1,000 of the blankets and now has plans for other craveable designs, including sushi, egg rolls and crepes.

Owens, 32, has some more personal plans too. Married for about two years, the San Jose, California woman says she’d like to have her own baby — and yes, she’s already envisioned swaddling her future bundle of joy in her delectable creations.

“Starting a business been so attention-consuming — I wanted to focus on that,” she said. “Hopefully I can move on to real babies pretty soon.”

The Tortilla Baby Infant Swaddle Blanket and Matching Hat sells online for $48 but may be purchased at a 20 percent off discount through Dec. 26 with the promo code “JOLLY.”


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Photo by Katharine Owens, Bon Vivant Baby

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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