5 Super Cute DIY Projects For Your Baby

While perusing (i.e. getting completely sucked into for hours) Pinterest the other day, I stumbled across quite a few cute DIY’s for little ones.

Unluckily for me, I can’t sew…I suppose I could learn, but pre-baby probably would’ve been a better time to do that, since these days I’m lucky if I manage to get dinner on the table.  So, some of these require sewing skills, but a couple of them are easy enough that I’m pretty sure even I, in my craft-challenged-ness could probably pull off.

Check out these super cute DIY’s after the jump!

  • DIY Baby Turban Headband 1 of 5
    DIY Baby Turban Headband
    I usually can't stand most baby headbands with their giant flowers the size of baby's head. I know some people love them, but they're just not my thing. This would be the perfect not-so-frilly way for me to try to let people know that my baby is in fact a girl since I don't like to plaster her in pink.
    Tutorial By Sewing In No Man's Land
  • DIY Leggings 2 of 5
    DIY Leggings
    Thank goodness my mother-in-law knows how to sew. I may have to solicit her sewing skills to finally make Fern a pair of leggings that actually fit her long, skinny legs!
    Tutorial By Shwin & Shwin
  • DIY Plush Foxes 3 of 5
    DIY Plush Foxes
    These sweet little foxes would be so cute cozied up in a nursery. I love the idea of making a little family of foxes!
    Tutorial By A Beautiful Mess
  • DIY Dyed Onesies 4 of 5
    DIY Dyed Onesies
    Now here's a DIY that I might be able to swing - Rit dyeing onesies. It would be great to have some bright onesies instead of the usual white, pink and blue. I really like the idea of making black onesies, which you definitely don't see a lot of.
    Tutorial By Made
  • DIY Bleached Onesies 5 of 5
    DIY Bleached Onesies
    These easy-peasy DIY onesies are just the right amount of cuteness with the teeniest dash of rock & roll.
    Tutorial By Fellow Fellow


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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