Baby Ferns Cutest Photos From Month 10

Baby Fern's Cutest Photos From Month 10 >> via Babble.comI’m a little (OK, a lot) behind on posting these photos this month because of the little blogging hiatus I received during Babble’s redesign. I’m not complaining! It was a nice little vacation, but I’m definitely excited to be back and writing about the life and times of Fern Winter! While I was away, Fern turned 10 months old and we had our monthly photo shoot. This month was a busy one for Fern! Fern got her second tooth, (we’re at a teething standstill though — poor girl is wishing for more teeth so she can eat more yummy food!), she is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and standing unassisted for short periods of time. (See Month 1 , Month 2Month 3 , Month 4Month 5Month 6Month 7Month 8 and Month 9 photo shoots to compare!) She’s also seeming to grasp more cause and effect,which is fun to watch.

This month we realized that Fern has a little bit of a “bad habit”, she experienced her first Halloween, and realized that neither of us are fans of daylight savings time!

I am documenting Fern’s first year of life by doing a round up of my favorite photos from that month and taking her photo in front of our chalkboard and making a list of her likes and dislikes.

Fern likes:

*singing/light up toys, *her purple telephone, *bath tub books, *pulling herself up on EVERYTHING, *crawling up the step, *people clapping, *rain

Fern dislikes:

*having her nose wiped, *being redirected, *getting put in her car seat, *keeping shoes on

Fern’s cutest photos from this month:

  • Fern met her first chick 1 of 16
    Fern met her first chick
    Last month we headed to the pumpkin patch where Fer picked out her first pumpkin -- we also saw some pretty cute farm animals along the way!
  • My fashion icon 2 of 16
    My fashion icon
    Dressing Fern up is my new favorite hobby and a good one too, because it inspires me to not just frump around in sweats all day.
  • Loving our outdoor strolls 3 of 16
    Loving our outdoor strolls
    Heading outdoors is one of Fern's favorite things and we enjoyed many strolls before the weather turned rainy.
  • First Halloween 4 of 16
    First Halloween
    The cutest little elephant I ever did see. We had a fun time passing out candy at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
  • Cozy time 5 of 16
    Cozy time
    As much as I love dressing Fern up in cute little outfits, we still spend a lot of time cozied up at home -- especially this past month as the weather got chillier.
  • For the love of shopping 6 of 16
    For the love of shopping
    Fern is kind of ambivalent about grocery shopping, but ever since I realized she fits in the baby carts at Trader Joe's she loves it!
  • Happy 10 months baby! 7 of 16
    Happy 10 months baby!
    Showing off her waving skills during our 10 month photo shoot.
  • Meeting Minnie 8 of 16
    Meeting Minnie
    I just had to snap this photo while we were at Costco on Halloween morning - how could I not? Minnie, meeting Minnie? Too cute!
  • Pretty profile 9 of 16
    Pretty profile
    I love this simple moment I caught this month. Her little profile is so sweet.
  • Finger foods 10 of 16
    Finger foods
    We practiced with finger foods this month. She was a bit more interested in throwing them than eating them, but she's starting to figure it out.
  • Becoming besties 11 of 16
    Becoming besties
    Fern is growing more and more fond of our dog by the day and loves to crawl after her now that she is able.
  • All the single babies 12 of 16
    All the single babies
    Sometime you just have to juxtapose photos of your baby in a black unitard (AKA onesie) next to photos of Beyonce in a black unitard.
  • Boxes 13 of 16
    Most times the box is more fun than the items in it!
  • All smiles 14 of 16
    All smiles
    This is Fern's signature smile that I have grown to love more and more with each passing day.
  • Doing work 15 of 16
    Doing work
    During a visit to Daddy's work, Fern shows him how it's done. Future CEO?
  • First swing 16 of 16
    First swing
    During a play date at the park, Fern experienced her first swing ride and she was most definitely a fan.
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