Baby Fern’s Cutest Photos From Month 11

Baby Fern's Cutest Photos From Month 11This past weekend, Fern Winter turned 11 months old and we had our monthly photo shoot. This month has a busy one and has been filled with lots of fun winter festivities! (We’re at a teething standstill though — poor girl is wishing for more teeth so she can eat more yummy food!) She is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and standing unassisted for short periods of time. (See Month 1 , Month 2Month 3 , Month 4Month 5Month 6Month 7Month 8Month 9 and Month 10) photo shoots to compare!) She’s also seeming to grasp more cause and effect,which is fun to watch.

This month was a rough one in our country with multiple shootings (one of them was in my own backyard) and it was a reminder to hold my baby a little closer. But, some happier things this month included: Fern sharing her fashion sense over at my favorite kid’s lifestyle blog Heart & Habit (check out her Mini Street Style feature!), experiencing snow for the first time, and having so many fun first Christmas experiences (like meeting Santa!).

I am documenting Fern’s first year of life by doing a round up of my favorite photos from that month and taking her photo in front of our chalkboard and making a list of her likes and dislikes.

Fern likes:

*twinkle lights, *the tupperware drawer, *snow, *peek-a-boo barn, *curry, *yelling, *feeding Marley

Fern dislikes:

*snuggling, *long car rides, *being told that it’s bed time, *getting dressed

Fern’s cutest photos from this month:

  • Photo shoot fun! 1 of 19
    Photo shoot fun!
    I'm pretty sure this was Fern's favorite photo shoot we've done thus far, because it involved twinkle lights and the box of scented pinecones, both of which she is constantly trying to get into, so it was a special treat to get to touch them -- haha!
  • First Thanksgiving 2 of 19
    First Thanksgiving
    This past month Fern got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving and she was definitely a fan of all the yummy soft foods.
  • Black Friday shopping 3 of 19
    Black Friday shopping
    My mom and I have a tradition of shopping for 1/2 off socks on Black Friday. It's really the only shopping we do to stock up for the year, and Fern got to join us for the first time. She loved being surrounded by socks in her cart!
  • Perfecting her wave 4 of 19
    Perfecting her wave
    Slowly, but surely, she is getting better at this whole waving business.
  • Christmas tree hunting 5 of 19
    Christmas tree hunting
    Even though it ended in an epic poop disaster in the middle of the tree farm, we still had fun choosing our first family Christmas tree and I love Fern's expression in this photo!
  • Sleepover 6 of 19
    This month Fern had her first sleepover with her friends Alomae and Poppy when our families spent the weekend at their beach cabin together. And obviously they had to have matching PJ's.
  • Developing a friendship 7 of 19
    Developing a friendship
    Fern and her friend Poppy have been having play dates since Fern was only a couple months old, but in the last month, they're starting to develop a real bond and they've begun recognizing each other and getting excited when they see each other. It's so cute!
  • Quality time with Dad 8 of 19
    Quality time with Dad
    We went to Sisters, Oregon for a weekend in the mountains this month and Fern got a lot of quality time with her Daddy, which she loved.
  • My little Eskimo baby 9 of 19
    My little Eskimo baby
    Her new coat got a lot of play this month -- it was so cold! Good thing she looks so darn cute in it!
  • Pint-sized 10 of 19
    We tried out a new brewery and while we were there I noticed that the taster glasses were perfectly Fern-sized and snapped a photo...despite the fact that she looks completely unimpressed.
  • First carriage ride 11 of 19
    First carriage ride
    Fern got to experience a horse and carriage ride with her Grammy and Grampy this month and she loved the horse!
  • First snow 12 of 19
    First snow
    Fern was smitten with the snow and kept waving and saying "hey" to this little snowball.
  • Accessorizing 13 of 19
    Fern further perfected the fine art of accessorizing this month.
  • First falling snow 14 of 19
    First falling snow
    Fern got to experience her first falling snow and was completely entranced...and probably a little bit confused too.
  • Nacho! 15 of 19
    I snapped this photo while I was getting Fern ready to go see Santa. These tights were so big and she looked kind of like a Christmasy version of Nacho Libre. This gave me a good laugh.
  • Testing the beard 16 of 19
    Testing the beard
    Fern had her photo taken with Santa this month and was totally obsessed with his beard. We almost didn't even get a picture of her face, because she just keps staring at it. She also gave it a pretty good tug, which Santa didn't seem particularly excited about.
  • Cozying up with a friend 17 of 19
    Cozying up with a friend
    We went to a Christmas Pajama brunch at our friend's house and while we were there Fern cozied right up into her friend Buckley's lap! He was pretty confused about the whole situation.
  • The love for bananas intensifies 18 of 19
    The love for bananas intensifies
    Fern has always loved bananas, but this month her love for them intensified. Now any time she seems them in our house or while we're at the grocery store, her hands start waving and she starts grunting in excitement. It's pretty hilarious! She also said her first real word "banana" this month...although she only said it on one occasion. She said it over and over and I recorded it, but haven't been able to get her to do it since!
  • Soaking up the snuggles 19 of 19
    Soaking up the snuggles
    This kid is definitely not a super snuggly baby, so first thing in the morning and post nap, I take full advantage of her groggy state and soak up as many snuggles as she'll let me have, because this time is going by so fast!

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