Baby Fern’s Cutest Photos From Month 12

Baby Fern's Cutest Photos From Month 12It seems like only yesterday that I started these monthly Fern photo shoot posts, but it’s already been an entire 12 months. This week my baby turned one. I can hardly believe I have a one-year-old! It makes me a little sad to think about my baby turning into a toddler, but also excited for all the wonderful things to come as she becomes more and more interactive. (See Month 1 , Month 2Month 3 , Month 4Month 5Month 6Month 7Month 8Month 9Month 10 and Month 11 photo shoots to see how she’s grown!)

This month Fern got sick and gave me quite the scare, we celebrated her first Christmas (even thought it didn’t go according to plan), laughed about how much Fern loves technology, had beautiful one-year-old photos taken, and had a fun birthday brunch to celebrate Fern’s first birthday.

I am documenting Fern’s first year of life by doing a round up of my favorite photos from that month and taking her photo in front of our chalkboard and making a list of her likes and dislikes.

Fern likes:

*the color orange, *sweet food, *her teepee, *bread, *snap chatting, *buttons on the TV

Fern dislikes:

*her floor bed, *being told NO, *waiting for food, *headbands

Fern’s cutest photos from this month:


  • Christmas 1 of 17
    The one Christmas shot I got of Fern where she's sitting still. I love her little outfit.
  • Sleepy face 2 of 17
    Sleepy face
    I love this sleepy, morning face and the two tiny teeth that come along with it.
  • One year old photos 3 of 17
    One year old photos
    While visiting our photographer friend Margaret this month she snapped some of my favorite Fern photos to date. This one is my favorite.
    Photo taken by Margaret Jacobsen of Margaret Jacobsen Photography
  • Neighborhood kids 4 of 17
    Neighborhood kids
    My neighbor took this photo of Fern with all the neighborhood kids and it was so adorable! I cropped out the other kids, since I didn't have permission to post them, but I still wanted to share Fern's little corner of the photo - her funny! Can't wait to see her growing up in this neighborhood.
    Photo taken by Amanda Metz of Amanda Metz Photography
  • Pure joy 5 of 17
    Pure joy
    The excited Fern face once again - this time as a result of her first time on one of those ride-on quarter machines at the grocery store. She was in heaven.
  • Wobbling and walking 6 of 17
    Wobbling and walking
    Fern isn't a full-fledged walker just yet, but she's definitely wobbling her way around everywhere!
  • One year monthly photo shoot 7 of 17
    One year monthly photo shoot
    This month's photo shoot was the most difficult we've had, because now that Fern can get up and walk all she wanted to do was wander off during our shoot. This was literally the best photo I got. Good thing the monthly shoots are over!
  • Snowflakes that stay on her nose and eyelashes… 8 of 17
    Snowflakes that stay on her nose and eyelashes...
    There were a couple of days this past month where we had a bit of snowfall and Fern was mesmerized by the flakes.
  • First birthday cake 9 of 17
    First birthday cake
    I think she may have been even more excited abou the candle than the cake. This is my new favorite Fern face that emerged this month.
  • Birthday ensemble 10 of 17
    Birthday ensemble
    This is one of my most favorite Fern outfits ever and this was the outfit she wore on her actual birthday.
  • Glamorous 11 of 17
    Trying on mama's shades at brunch.
  • Hunting and gathering 12 of 17
    Hunting and gathering
    Fern is constantly gathering up toys and is always crawling or walking around with at least one thing in her hand...usually two.
  • Not amused 13 of 17
    Not amused
    Sometimes you pose your baby in funny ways for your own amusement. Too bad she can let me know now when she's not into it.
  • Four-eyes 14 of 17
    Silliness with mama's fake glasses. This girl loves glasses. Only other people's though. I got her a pair of sunglasses of her own and she hates them. Go figure.
  • Peek-a-boo 15 of 17
    Fern has discovered how to hide and often wants to play peek-a-boo on her own terms these days.
  • Bath fun 16 of 17
    Bath fun
    Her hair is getting so long, I couldn't resist twisting it into a little Alfalfa spike.
  • Daddy snuggles 17 of 17
    Daddy snuggles
    A rare snuggly moment with her daddy caught on camera.

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