That No More Baby Feeling

Our Family Circus
Our Family Circus - 4 Kids

When our circus (a.k.a. family) goes out – it’s well – just that… a circus.

We have a double stroller and then 2 additional kids we are wrangling.

Yes, there are 6 of us. 4 kids is something we’ve always wanted. But 4 kids is WORK and it’s EXPENSIVE.

It’s Work

The baby is fed every 3-4 hours. The 17-month old is into EVERYTHING. Our 6 and 8 year olds are dealing with their things. Our house can seem chaotic, but it’s a happy chaos and it works for US.

(Though, I will say Grandma came to town last week for 20 hours and I think we scared her off with our craziness.)

Money – These Kids Aren’t Cheap

My husband and I both work, so childcare is a huge expense. The costs of feeding 4 kids is continually climbing. We had to buy a larger car and revamp our house to accommodate all 6 of us.

All that said. It’s worth it. Every penny.

That No More Baby Feeling

So now that we have our 4, I am waiting for that feeling that so many of my friends have. You know… that NO MORE BABY feeling. The feeling that your family is complete. Donezo. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Negative on any more bambinos.

I’m waiting.


Sweet Zeke
Sweet Zeke, you were suppose to be IT!
  • The now 19 near sleepless nights.
  • The bank account that isn’t where it was.
  • Being spit-up on twice today, so bad – that both required a shower.
  • The kitchen floor that is covered with kid goo.
  • The smell of baby poo from 2 diaper pails in our house.
  • The stacks of laundry that have engulfed my bedroom.
  • The fingerprinted mirrors and windows.
  • The molded chocolate milk cartons in the car.
  • The date nights that are now near non-existent.
  • The looks from strangers as we enter any store or restaurant.

I am not feeling it.

But my husband is feeling it – he is DONE.

So we will see what the future holds. If my husband is done, I have to respect that. We have always talked about adopting – maybe that will be how we complete our family. Or maybe another 2 rounds of the terrible two’s will kill my desire to add any more children to the bunch.

For now, I’m soaking up the baby love of our sweet Zeke. Until he spits up again.
Then I’ll shower¬† (again) and return to loving this little one and helping ring master our circus.

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