Adventures in Baby Food Making: Broccoli with Brown Rice

I Love Messy Baby Food Faces!

Little Bean is almost to the point of eating whatever we’re eating. More and more I’m simply pureeing one or two items from my dinner plate. Last week we decided to give broccoli a whirl.

How’d it go?

Find out in our latest Adventure…

  • The Broccoli 1 of 14
    The Broccoli
    I grabbed 5-6 florets from the broccoli I made for dinner. It was frozen that I roasted on a cookie sheet in the oven.
  • Giving Little Guy a Heads Up 2 of 14
    Giving Little Guy a Heads Up
    Even at this age I like to involve him in the process. I think it does wonders.
  • Add enough water to blend. 3 of 14
    Add enough water to blend.
    For smooth broccoli you are better off with a little more water than normal.
  • Puree 4 of 14
    Again I used my bullet for this.
  • Little Bean was Hungry! 5 of 14
    Little Bean was Hungry!
    Here he is gnawing on my lens cap.
  • Add the Rice 6 of 14
    Add the Rice
    I used single grain brown rice baby cereal to thicken the broccoli. If you happen to have brown rice for dinner yourself just use that and pop it back in the blender.
  • Thicken 7 of 14
    Find the right texture for your baby. Little Bean handles the thicker stuff pretty well.
  • Who wants Broccoli? 8 of 14
    Who wants Broccoli?
    I do! I do!
  • Hmmmmmmm 9 of 14
  • It’s good but better with thumb. 10 of 14
    It's good but better with thumb.
  • Not bad mom, but I’m thirsty. 11 of 14
    Not bad mom, but I'm thirsty.
  • Thanks! 12 of 14
  • Broccoli Rocks! 13 of 14
    Broccoli Rocks!
  • All done! 14 of 14
    All done!
    He did good. I waited to see if he would get extra gassy but no problems yet. I'll be pureeing a few florets for him when we have broccoli for dinner from now on!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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