Adventures in Baby Food Making: Chicken with Red Peppers and Barley.

Our latest adventure involves one of my absolute favorite veggies: The Red Bell Pepper. I’m a pepper freak. Big Brother’s a pepper freak. It was time to see if Little Bean would follow suit.

His reaction was priceless. This was one of my favorite adventures yet.

  • The Red Pepper 1 of 20
    The Red Pepper
    They've been on sale at my local stores and I've gone a little nutty. There's about 6 more in my fridge right now!
  • Clean and Cut 2 of 20
    Clean and Cut
    Take the seeds out and cut in chunks.
  • Puree 3 of 20
    You shouldn't need to add any water.
  • Add Chicken 4 of 20
    Add Chicken
    I used about an ounce of a leftover breast that I cut up.
  • Puree Again 5 of 20
    Puree Again
  • Add Barley 6 of 20
    Add Barley
    Or Brown Rice to get to your babies desired consistency.
  • Chicken with Red Peppers and Barley! 7 of 20
    Chicken with Red Peppers and Barley!
    It was good! I tried it. 🙂
  • Little Bean was ready 8 of 20
    Little Bean was ready
    Especially after his Oat O's Appetizer.
  • He caught a glimpse 9 of 20
    He caught a glimpse
    It definitely LOOKED different than his normal lunch.
  • Ohh no, no, no, 10 of 20
    Ohh no, no, no,
  • Flavor too strong? 11 of 20
    Flavor too strong?
    Let's try mixing!
  • Chicken with Red Peppers, Barley and Avocado 12 of 20
    Chicken with Red Peppers, Barley and Avocado
    Peppers really do pack a punch. I thought the creaminess of the avocado would tone it down a notch.
  • Not quite. 13 of 20
    Not quite.
    Time to bring out my secret baby food weapon.
  • Applesauce 14 of 20
  • Dip Spoonfuls 15 of 20
    Dip Spoonfuls
    I decided not to mix it in, but do the coating technique instead. Take a spoonful of the stronger, less-sweet food and dip it in the applesauce.
  • Not bad, Momma! 16 of 20
    Not bad, Momma!
  • Not bad at all, Kid! 17 of 20
    Not bad at all, Kid!
    He ate so good!
  • And he was happy! 18 of 20
    And he was happy!
  • Store Leftovers 19 of 20
    Store Leftovers
    I mixed the applesauce in and stored it for tomorrows lunch.
  • He’s becoming quite the experienced diner. 😉 20 of 20
    He's becoming quite the experienced diner. ;)

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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