Adventures in Baby Food Making: Egg Yolk Omelet, "Sorta"

Little Bean with his Egg Yolk Omelet

Did you know that eggs contain, in varying amounts, almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed by humans as well as several other beneficial food components*? Now that’s what I’m looking for in a baby food!

I introduced Little Bean to the egg yolk last week and it didn’t go quite as I expected, BUT I did get him to eat it. Total win in my book …

  • Mommy and Me Eggs 1 of 14
    Mommy and Me Eggs
    This is a tradition I started with Big Brother. Baby gets yolk and I get the extra white.
  • Cook the Egg 2 of 14
    Cook the Egg
    I add a splash of water to the yolk and scramble. Then cook in a small non-stock skillet and fold over like an omelet. I also fry up whatever vegetables I have in the fridge and makes myself an omelet with an egg and the extra white.
  • Offer Egg 3 of 14
    Offer Egg
    After the egg cools cut it in pieces and see what happens. Little Bean a went right for it!
  • Something New 4 of 14
    Something New
    He wasn't quite sure what to make of the new texture.
  • Meh 5 of 14
    It came right back out of his mouth.
  • If at first you don’t succeed… 6 of 14
    If at first you don't succeed…
    I decided to mash the egg and see if he'd take it by spoon.
  • Not Happening 7 of 14
    Not Happening
    His reaction was priceless!
  • Yogurt? 8 of 14
    Ok, I know it sounds gross but I also knew the only reason he wasn't eating the egg was because of texture. Why not add it to something more familiar?
  • YES! 9 of 14
    He LOVED it.
  • All Gone 10 of 14
    All Gone
    He ate an entire egg yolk mixed with about 1/4 cup of full fat yogurt.
  • Full Baby 11 of 14
    Full Baby
    But he wanted something I had. So I gave it to him….
  • Not Quite 12 of 14
    Not Quite
    He's got a long way to go before mastering the spoon and bowl
  • Then Again 13 of 14
    Then Again
    Maybe not that long.
  • Cute Baby with Spoon 14 of 14
    Cute Baby with Spoon
    Makes me smile every time.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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