Adventures in Baby Food Making: Waffles and Banana-YO

I’m gonna eat what?

It’s true. Sometimes I feed my baby things I’d never eat and, well, actually find gross. This is one of them, but when you look at from a growing baby nutritional standpoint I’m totally justified. At least I think am.

According to, 1 large egg yolk has just over 50 calories, 5 g of fat and 3 g of protein. It’s also a good source of Folate and Vitamin B12. Mix one in with a sweet banana and a dollop of yogurt and you’ve got yourself a nice little meal for baby. Will he eat it? Find out in our next Baby Food Adventure….

  • We Start off with a Waffle Appetizer 1 of 16
    We Start off with a Waffle Appetizer
    These were made with my quick whole grain banana pancake batter (click here for recipe.) It's a favorite of Big Brothers and he's joining us for breakfast this morning. (note: he may be the only kid who likes jelly on his waffles.)
  • Yum! 2 of 16
    Little bean really likes these and he's getting very good at feeding himself. Although he's ...
  • Not quite ready for a plate. 3 of 16
    Not quite ready for a plate.
    Ummmm yea.
  • Hard Boiled Egg 4 of 16
    Hard Boiled Egg
    While he's eating I peel the egg. The few times he's been given the white he had a small skin reaction so I'm sticking with yolks for now. Click here for a video on how I make the easiest peeled eggs ever.
  • The Ingredients 5 of 16
    The Ingredients
    1 banana minus a bite from me, 1 egg yolk, 2 dollops of full fat yogurt and a squire of baby vitamins. MMmmmm Yum. *gag*
  • Mash and Mix 6 of 16
    Mash and Mix
    No extra equipment needed besides a folk and bowl!
  • Are we Ready? 7 of 16
    Are we Ready?
    He was in a very contemplative mood this morning.
  • Mmmmm Thumb 8 of 16
    Mmmmm Thumb
    Eating is now the only time he sucks his thumb. It's weird and cute and makes me smile.
  • Drink Time! 9 of 16
    Drink Time!
    He's getting awfully handy with that cup.
  • Wait? What? 10 of 16
    Wait? What?
    You mean it's all gone? :(
  • Yup. 11 of 16
    All gone.
  • Hmmm Then What Shall I Do? 12 of 16
    Hmmm Then What Shall I Do?
    I know! Stare at Big Brother....
  • Big Brother! 13 of 16
    Big Brother!
    He ate 4 waffles!
  • Oh! and the fan. 14 of 16
    Oh! and the fan.
    Oh how I love that fan.
  • Don’t waste the White! 15 of 16
    Don't waste the White!
    Sprinkle that baby with salt and pepper and enjoy!
  • The End 16 of 16
    The End
    Yet another adventure that ends in a happy, messy baby. Now if I could only get him to eat like this ALL the time.

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