Baby Girl Costume Search: Finding An Age-Appropriate Ladybug

So cute!

I’m having a tantrum. Total meltdown. I’m cussing about this on Twitter, posting pictures on Facebook, generally whining and complaining.

What is causing this? Halloween costume shopping.

First of all, I’m mad that I’m shopping for Halloween costumes today at all because it’s September 27th. In my mind, the appropriate time to buy a Halloween costume is October 15th. But no. Halloween stuff has been in the stores since August and the costume selection is already picked over. I almost had a heart attack when the first website I went to to order the mummy costume my son has his heart set on was sold out. The second site had it but yikes! How can I be so far behind the curve when the holiday is over a month away?

Mummy costume secured, I set about trying to find a costume for my baby.

I initially thought of dressing her like a flower because I call her Sweet Pea, which is a kind of flower. My husband suggested a ladybug instead and I LOVE that idea. Love it! So, when I was in Target this morning, I scouted the ladybug costumes. The only ones they had were in kid sizes, not baby sizes so that was a bummer. What was more ominous was the style of the costumes: they were all flirty little dresses. They looked more like something I would call a fairy princess outfit than a ladybug outfit but whatever. My friend’s four year old daughter asked to be a princess lion cub for Halloween so clearly there is genre blending that occurs in the minds of some kids. Fairy princess ladybugs might be all the rage.

Once I got home, I started searching online for a suitable baby ladybug. My initial Google search was maddening. More

Tulle? Ruching? Spaghetti straps? No, thanks.

dresses! With satin and sequins and spaghetti straps! And tutus! Really? Ladybug tutus for a child who will be four months old on Halloween? She’s not dancing the lead in Swan Lake, people. She’s going to go to Octoberfest at her brother’s preschool. She needs to be cute and probably warm. A frilly tutu dress that looks like Honey Boo Boo’s glitz gown in a child pageant is not the direction I want to go.

The issue of girls Halloween costumes veering into deeply inappropriate territory has been widely documented and decried by moms who don’t feel like dressing their daughters like streetwalkers. But I had no idea that even baby girls were expected to forsake cuteness and head into vaguely unsavory frilliness. I know baby tutus are all the rage and can be super cute but I’m just not into them. I want a bug costume that looks more like a Muppet than a showgirl. Because Muppets? Are appropriate for babies. Sequins and tulle? Are questionable. Plus carrying around all that tulle will make my arms itch.

I ultimately found an adorable ladybug costume from Carter’s. My baby girl will looks sweet and cuddly posing next to her mummy brother at Octoberfest. And I wearily understand now that the fight to keep little girls looking like little girls begins in babyhood.

Photo credit: Carter’s, Costume Express


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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