What Will Your Baby Be When He Grows Up?

babies as adultsHave you ever imagined what your baby will be like when he or she is all grown up? It’s insane to think, this little being that is yours will have a life of it’s own someday. Sure, today he needs you to feed and nurture but before you know it his wings will sprout and off he will go.

The question of what will your baby be when he grows us has recently been the subject of Paris-based photographer Malo, aka MondayMonday. Here is a look at possible profession a child could pursue. The series entitled, Un jour, mon enfant tu seras, translated as One Day You Will Be My Child, captures babies dressed in several getups representing various professions.

Check out Malo’s creative photography series portraying babies as adults:

  • A Boxer 1 of 10
    A Boxer
    Dear Baby, I'll love you even if you want to get beat up for a living.
    It's make-up people!
    Image Source:
  • A Matador 2 of 10
    A Matador
    Dear Baby, I'll love you even if bulls charge after you, but I may shoot the bull in order to protect you.
    Image Source:
  • A Butcher 3 of 10
    A Butcher
    Dear Baby, I'll love you if you chop up cows for a living. Just remember I'm a sometime vegetarian.
    Image Source:
  • A Surfer 4 of 10
    A Surfer
    Dear Baby, If you are happy surfing all day, I will support you with love, just not financially.
    Image Source:
  • A Ballerina 5 of 10
    A Ballerina
    Dear Baby, Dance if it makes your heart happy. Just stay off of the pole.
    Image Source:
  • A Soldier 6 of 10
    A Soldier
    Dear Baby, If you fight for our freedom, I'll be by your side, crying but supporting you.
    Image Source:
  • A Wrestler 7 of 10
    A Wrestler
    Dear Baby, If you are a wrestler, I'll buy all of your action figures.
    Image Source:
  • A Doctor 8 of 10
    A Doctor
    Dear Baby, If you become a plastic surgeon your Aunt ST will love you even more.
    Image Source:
  • A Monk 9 of 10
    A Monk
    Dear Baby, If you go silent, please at least write home, or Skype and do sign language.
    Image Source:
  • A Bishop 10 of 10
    A Bishop
    Dear Baby, If you become a Bishop, your Grandma and her Catholicness must of gotten a hold of you. We won't judge you.
    Image Source:

Possibly in France, surfers are an up and coming profession?

What do you want for your child? Do you have a career path that you dream of them pursuing?

For me… I could careless what career they pursue. I want them to be happy. If Zeke ends up a meat butcher, and he is happy – then my job is a parent is complete.


If You Had One Wish For Your Child’s Future, What Would It Be?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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