Baby Halloween Costumes: 12 DIY Tutorials With Free Templates [Slideshow]

I know. It’s 7 weeks away yet. I started my Christmas shopping in the summer okay? Mayhaps that waking to fall all of a sudden is what set my brain to costumes, no matter.

I also know that I am not alone in my early prowl for cute Halloween costumes. Especially if you are a DIY’er.

As a mama I know all too well that 7 weeks will flash by with the blink of my weary eyes, so I like to gather ideas ahead of time.

The 12 DIY projects below range from last minute, no sew, quick and easy to – Martha-Stewart-Dom. (Still pretty easy of you have a sewing machine and the time). Click below each image for the how-to’s!

I’m inspired by a number of these. The candy-corn baby is OVER-THE-TOP adorbz, but I am also digging the sling baby costumes.

Then there’s the geekery, an iPhone baby costume! (Which I did not include hereĀ becauseĀ I could not find any tutorials, perhaps I’ll have to do one!)

This all lead me down a dark corridor of imagining Twitter baby bird costumes with tweets and retweets on the tummies…now look what I’ve started. I only have 2 kids to torture costume. I mean, we could go as a whole social media family. Starring the Mister as Facebook, Me as the Hootsuite Owl, Wyndham as the iPhone and Lil’ Abner as the Twitter bird. Oh, Geebus Chrysler.

Tell me. What fabulous costumes have you created for your babies? Moreso, the family? I know there are theme go-er’s out there. Let’s hear it.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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