Baby Has a Drinking Problem

I asked Google if a baby could drink too much water, and next thing I knew I fell down the very strange wormhole that is Yahoo! Answers. Turns out babies can drink too much water and if or when they do, it can be fatal. I asked the question because Vivi loves water. She loves water the way my two best friends love Diet Coke, combined. It started with a sip here and there, then it moved onto sippy cups. Next think I knew she was using straws and now she loses her MIND whenever she sees me drinking out of that blue cup over there on the left.

The only other thing that gets her that worked up is an iPhone she’s not allowed to have. (I blame that one on my dad.)

We’re not juice drinkers. I’ve given Vivi watered down juice on occasion but she still prefers water. I have to keep track of how full her cup is and how much she drinks or the girl could easily drown herself in water. I’m not sure what it is that she loves so much… the cold water in her teething mouth? The hard straw she chews on? Who knows. What I do know is that when this baby sees water? She wants some. I even tried to bribe her with straight-up juice on the flight of terror but she wasn’t having it.

Babies under 6 months are most prone to water intoxication and results in a dilution of sodium in the body, one reason it’s so important not to water down infant formula or give babies under 6 months of age water, as they get plenty of fluids from breastmilk and formula. While it’s uncommon for babies to suffer from water intoxication, it’s important to know how dangerous it can be and that a baby drinking too much water can cause them to lose their appetite for breastmilk or formula.

So while Vivi may have a drinking problem, I totally have it under control.

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