Do You Have A Binky Lovin' Baby?

This is one lonely binky!

Before I had children, I was convinced that I would not be one of those moms who gives her baby a pacifier. Why? Well, because I was stupid. Clearly, stupid.

I soon learned after the birth of my first child, that not only can a pacifier be an absolute lifesaver when your baby is fussy, it can also literally save your baby’s life, as studies point to a reduced risk of SIDS in babies under the age of 1 who use one.

I really just anticipated Kara to enjoy a binky as much as Evan did, so, the fact that she has zero tolerance for it is a major bummer.

The binky refusal is even more frustrating during the evenings when Kara is particularly colicky. I can’t help but think that if she were a fan of the pacifier, it might mean a little relief for us.

Not one to give up, I am now holding out some hope that maybe we just haven’t found the right pacifier. I ordered one of these expensive Natursutten pacifiers, after reading a post about them by one of my fellow Baby’s First Year writers. My fingers are crossed!

Which pacifier, if any, did the trick for your baby?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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