Baby in Stolen Car Found by Jogger 7 Hours Later — Still in Car Seat


If ever there was a story that will have you thinking twice about leaving your car running for “just a second” so you can run an errand while baby sleeps, it’s this one. Earlier this week, a Houston mom ran into a Texaco and left the car running with her 8-month-old baby in the back.

The car was stolen and an Amber Alert was immediately issued. Although police found the car, the baby was missing. There was no sign of little Genesis Haley until seven hours later when Hong Nguyen spotted the infant. According to Yahoo, Genesis was still strapped in her car seat, which was in some bushes near the road.

“I heard the crying baby,” Nguyen told ABC News. “I looked around and didn’t see anyone nearby; I found the baby lying in the car seat,” she said. “There were a few ants on her hand, maybe a few insects,” Nguyen said.

Amazingly, after spending the night alone, Genesis is okay. She was taken to the hospital as a precaution and then returned to her mother. Police are still searching for the suspect or suspects. As for Nguyen, she says she hadn’t even planned to go jogging. She’s from Vietnam and is visiting relatives and today was the first day she decided to go for a run.

Divine intervention, perhaps?

Moral of the story: If you’re running a quick errand you should both turn off and lock the car. If you plan to be gone long enough that it will become too hot or too cold for the baby in the car, that’s too long and you should bring the baby with you.

Do you run quick errands and leave your car running with the baby in the back seat? Do you run errands and turn off the car but leave the baby in the back seat? Or do you always bring your baby, even just for a quick errand like returning a RedBox movie just inside the store?

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